LMS in WordPress

  • Learning Management System is a comprehensive software for feature-rich educational websites.
  • LMS plugins allow you to create and run various online courses, run and grade quizzes, accept payments and many more. Various top-notch LMS plugins for WordPress are LearnDash, Tutor LMS, MasterStudy LMS, LearnPress etc.

About WP Proctoring Plugin

  • WP Proctoring plugin is a fully customizable protecting plugin that can be used by the institutions as well as business to meet the specific examination requirements. It can help you to monitor a large number of candidates in a single exam setup.
  • The plugin provides stringent proctoring using various strategies such as session restriction, advanced user authentication, user authentication, biometric support etc.


Key Features


Browsing Limitation

With the help of WP proctoring, you can lock the testing environment within the blackboard and restrict what test takers can do on their computers while taking the online assessments in a proctored environment. If the test takers browses away too many times from the test screen then the test automatically ends.


Real-time Candidate Monitoring

It checks students videos feeds, audio feeds as well as image proctoring to raise concern incase of any suspicious activity observed during the assessments.


Integration with popular LMS plugins

WP online proctoring integrates with popular WordPress plugins such as LearnDash Tutor LMS, LearnPress, MasterStudy LMS, Good LMS etc.


Advanced Control Features

If the candidate is suspected of cheating or some misleading activity then an alert is raised. In case of constant alerts being raised during the proctored assessments, the proctor can easily pause or end the test. Along with this the copy-paste functionality is also disabled during the assessment.


Candidate Authentication

WP proctoring ensures proper candidate authentication. It is the first step for a candidate's registration in which the candidate’s identification is checked. This step is to ensure that the test taker is an original candidate and not an impersonator.


Detailed Report

At the end of the test, WP proctoring plugin generates a detailed report that provides an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s performance during the test. It highlights if any sort of unusual activity took place during the proctored assessment.


Data Storage And Review

After the completion of the proctored assessment, real-time audio and video recording of the assessment are stored on the cloud. In case the admins want to review the cases again, they can do so.


Secure Data And Information

When the candidates give their exams, the software often asks them to share personal information to ensure that the candidates are not resorting to any malpractices such as impersonation. During this process, the candidates need to share personal information to verify their identity. WP proctoring ensures protection of the shared data.


24/7 Support

miniOrange provides direct interaction with the developer's team to resolve any concerns faced by the customers.


What is the need of an online proctoring plugin?

  • Online proctoring software helps organizations monitor candidates during the virtual online examination. Proctoring solutions enable administrators of online assessments to create a more secure testing environment by preventing instances of academic dishonesty.
  • Online proctoring tools are essential for virtual education, job interview assessments, certifications etc. These days the demand of virtual learning is increasing, however online invigilating tools are helpful to sustain the global adoption of virtual and online learning.

Drawbacks of using a third party plugin

  • Usually using a third party proctoring plugin for your website comes with some limitations. When using a third party plugin, you are inevitably dependent on the provider. This might pose a risk to the stability of the plugin.
  • Using a third party plugin may not include a specific feature that you need for your website structure or plugins to work. It may also not work properly in a range of browsers.
  • It can make your website less secure. In case of security vulnerabilities, it would easily allow the hackers to gain access to your website.


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