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Shopify Single Sign On

miniOrange Provides Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) Access to your Shopify applications (both plus and Non plus Stores). Our SSO integration protocols includes SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, JWT, OpenID with supported IDPs like ADFS, Azure AD, Okta, Onelogin, AWS Cognito, GSuite/Google Apps etc with Secured 2FA feature.

WordPress Single Sign on

Store as IDP‑SSO Login to Apps

Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) using Shopify as Identity Provider, allows your Shopify users to log into any SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JWT compliant platforms or applications using their Shopify credentials. Enable secure SSO access to any LMS or CMS platform using Shopify as IDP. Connect multiple Shopify Stores, websites or custom applications and allow one-click access to any connected platform from your Shopify Plus or Non-Plus Store.

Login with OTP/ Passwordless Login

miniOrange provides your customers secure access to your Shopify Store with help of OTP over their Phone number/email. Enhance the user experience over your store by prompting them to login with OTP, Google Authenticator, OTP over WhatsApp/telegram, OTP over call, etc, and increase sales of your store using this passwordless login feature.

SCIM User Provisioning and De-Provisioning

Using our scim provisioning and de-provisioning and application you can connect your organization’s user base with your store. If the user updates its information in any of the applications then you just need to call our provisioning application ready to use API. The user’s attributes will be auto-updated in your other application whenever a user is created in any other application.

Shopify Content Restriction

The Content Restriction application allows you to lock your Shopify store and control who can access your pages, products, and collections in a given space. You can restrict customers from accessing Shopify restricted products based on their Shopify tags. Content restriction applications restrict users from accessing product pricing details, they need to log in to view the prices of products. Locking your Shopify store enables you to limit access control over the complete store, only selected users can access the Shopify store.

Firewall IP and Country Restrict

With Firewall IP and Country Restriction app you can restrict unwanted traffic from the countries and IPs and keep you content secure from getting misused or from getting stolen . Any visitor from specific countries or from IPs will not be able to get a glance of your store and they will be auto redirected to a Access Denied Page. Keep your store blocked from as many countries you want .

Shopify Store Migration

Migrate your store from any e-commerce platform such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Shopware, etc to Shopify. Or conversely migrate your Shopify store to any e-commerce platform. Just 3 basic steps and a couple of minutes are required to securely migrate entire store data including your products, pages, customers, categories etc. We provide a completely automated and non-techie solution.

Two Factor Authentication

miniOrange provides two factor authentication (2FA) to secure Shopify login by authenticating users. We provide multiple authentication methods like OTP over SMS, OTP over mail, OTP over telegram, OTP over Whatsapp, Push Notification,Security Questions etc. The plugin is placed on top of 2FA, which decides if the user can be securely identified without the need for two-factor when he is logging in from a trusted Device / Location / Time range or based on custom policies. Restricting users from sharing their login credentials with multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps to secure Shopify website.

Social Login

Social Login for Shopify provides you with Single Sign-on to any Store through social networking applications. We use popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple etc. to allow users to use your Shopify store. Get your hands on the most secure and best social login app for your Shopify store today!

Sync your Shopify Store with Salesforce

miniOrange allows you to send orders from your Shopify store to your Salesforce CRM account automatically using the salesforce Shopify sync application on Shopify. Using this application you can track the growth of sales, customer engagement, opportunity tracking, analytics, etc. of Shopify store from SalesForce CRM. you can automatically sync the products, orders, users from Shopify to Salesforce CRM and vice versa.

Restrict Files over Shopify

Merchants can use our Shopify File Restriction application to automatically restrict any users from accessing any kind of files on the Shopify Store such as images, audio, videos, documents, PDFs, etc. Only users who are members of the same domain have access to the Store. Protect Shopify store files based on tags assigned to users. Restrict access to Shopify store files with user-based restrictions. Only allow users you want to access those files.

Manage Subscription in Shopify

Shopify Subscription application converts new customers into loyal repeat customers. We make it simple for them to subscribe, repurchase, experiment with new products, and manage their account. Automatically generates and charges customers on a recurring basis based on their subscription plan and allow customers to manage their subscriptions, including changing plans, pausing and canceling subscriptions, and adding/removing items from their subscriptions.

Shopify Workflow automation

Automate your previously manual tasks so you can focus on growing your business and increasing sales. The app streamlines your business tasks and workflows while automating hundreds of time-consuming repetitive tasks. It could, for example, automatically add tags to newly created products or segment your customers and personalize their marketing approach.

Shopify as LMS Platform

Integrate the Shopify e-Commerce Platform with your learning management system, create a professional storefront for your learning products, and begin selling your training online on the Shopify store itself in no time. Sell your training materials directly through the Shopify store using our application, and automatically enroll users in courses they purchased through your Shopify store.

Shopify Web3 SSO and Token Gating

Single Sign-On (SSO) Application of Shopify allows Secure Login with a secure decentralized system into your Shopify Store using blockchain wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect QR code, or any EVM Compatible Wallet, etc. Shopify NFT token gating is a process of securely storing digital assets and transactions that are made within a Shopify store. Shopify token gated content allows store owners to restrict access to a certain products, pages of the store based on NFT balance in their wallet.

Shopify SMS Notifications

Miniorange SMS Notifications app is a shopify app that allows you to send sms notifications and order confirmation sms to your customers..

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