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Custom API for WordPress

This plugin allows you to create custom endpoints/REST routes to fetch/modify/create/delete data with an easy-to-use graphical interface and with the custom SQL queries as well. Also, the plugin provides the feature to integrate external API into your WordPress site to interact with some third-party platforms to fetch/update data.

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WordPress REST API Integrations


Create custom WP REST APIs (PREMIUM)

Create your own custom REST APIs in WP with easy to use GUI along with security to interact with your WP database.Supports all HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE).


Integrate External API (ENTERPRISE)

Integrate external APIs into your WordPress to connect with external providers. Also, create your custom APIs in WordPress using custom SQL.

Our Plugin Key Features

Custom API for WordPress

Several Filters Available

The fetch operation is available with multiple conditions and filters such as WHERE, LIMIT, ORDER BY to customize and extend the default functionality.

Custom API for WordPress

Restrict public access APIs

Restricted public access to custom APIs using API KEY authentication method and some other authentication methods like Client Credentials, JWT Tokens, Basic Authorization, OAuth.

JCustom API for WordPress

Fetch any type of data

WP Users and User Meta, WP Roles and Capabilities, WP Posts, Pages and custom post types Custom data , Custom posts, Custom parameters, Custom fields and many more.

Custom API for WordPress

Unlimited Custom APIs

Unlimited Custom APIs(endpoints) can be created and Give names to Custom Endpoints/Custom REST routes.

Custom API for WordPress

Supports every HTTP Methods

All HTTP methods are available like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

Custom API for WordPress

Integrate External APIs in WP

Any external API can be connected with your WordPress based on easy to use GUI and these API connections can be triggered based on WP hooks on a real-time basis.

Custom API for WordPress

Create WP REST APIs using custom SQL

Creating a custom API in WP provides more control over the site's data and functionality. By using custom SQL queries, you can efficiently retrieve and manipulate data in WP site.

Custom API for WordPress

Display Data from External API on WP frontend

Displaying data from external APIs on front end of WP site using our shortcode feature, you can integrate external APIs into your WP site and display the data using shortcode.

Here’s just some of what you get

  • Custom API plugin helps you create custom API endpoints/REST APIs with which apart from just fetching data you can POST, PUT, DELETE (Insert, Update, Delete) data as well.

  • This plugin can also be used for Create, Read, Update and Delete WordPress content from client-side JavaScript or from external applications, even those written in languages beyond PHP.

  • The plugin also provides the feature to create your own REST API endpoints in WP using custom SQL queries. Also, it provides an option to protect your custom APIs from unauthorized access.

  • Also, the plugin provides the facility to integrate any external APIs into WordPress in order to fetch/update data in WordPress and update data on third-party platforms.

Supported Plugin's

Google Sheet
Google Merchant
Gravity Forms
WP Datatables
Ali Dropshipping

Plans For Everyone



  • Unlimited Custom APIs (endpoints) creation  
  • Apply filters/ conditions on API response 
  • Limit the number of columns in API response 
  • Restrict public access to all custom APIs with API KEY Authentication 

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