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Integration 1:

WordPress SAML Single Sign-On

WordPress SAML Single Sign-On plugin allows SSO in WordPress site(s) using any SAML Compliant Identity Provider.

Key Features:
  1. Send emails using Microsoft Graph API
  2. Intranet site setup and Force Authentication
  3. Custom attribute and Role mapping
  4. SCIM user provisioning / deprovisioning and Learndash Integration
  5. WP multisite and multiple IDP support
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WordPress Office 365 Integration | SAML SSO Integration
Azure Office 365 Integration | User Sync Integration

Integration 2:

Azure Office 365 User Sync Integration

WordPress Azure AD User Sync plugin enables bidirectional sync of user’s profile attributes, pictures, groups etc. from WordPress to Azure AD to maintain consistency.

Key Features:
  1. Real-time bidirectional user synchronization
  2. Automatic and Manual User Sync
  3. Profile Picture Sync
  4. Send email using Microsoft graph
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Integration 3:

WordPress SharePoint OneDrive Integration

Our WordPress Sharepoint Integration plugin allows you to create and integrate centralized Sharepoint document repository with WordPress that can be accessed by users based on their roles / memberships.

Key Features:
  1. Easily search Sharepoint files on WP site
  2. Organize Sharepoint data in rows and columns
  3. Embed files / folders in a Onedrive or Online library in WP pages / posts
  4. Upload documents from WordPress to SharePoint
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Azure Office 365 Integration | SharePoint OneDrive Integration
Azure Office 365 Integration | PowerBI Integration

Integration 4:

Embed Power BI Reports

Power BI Reports integration provides options for embedding interactive artifacts like dashboards, datasets, reports, tiles from Power BI into WordPress.

Key Features:
  1. Embed any Power BI content eg. report, dashboard or tile
  2. Data Access Control based on user roles / groups
  3. Real-Time Data Updates
  4. Enhanced Data Security
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Integration 5:

Dynamics CRM Integration

Integrate our WordPress Dynamics CRM plugin for real-time two-way synchronization of CRM and ERP objects like contacts, companies, leads, orders, products and other financial data from Azure AD to WordPress.

Key Features:
  1. Sync Dynamics to WordPress
  2. Connect to Business Central Easily
  3. Real-time Data Search and Lookups
  4. Integration with 3rd Party form
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Azure Office 365 Integration | Dynamic CRM Integration
Azure Office 365 Integration | Employee Staff Directory Integration

Integration 6:

Employee Staff Directory Integration

Utilize Employee Staff Directory plugin to create a centralized directory for easily searchable, sortable list of employees / staff / team as per department, gender, skills, etc.

Key Features:
  1. Create easily sortable and searchable lists
  2. Sync employee details from Azure Active Directory
  3. Employee Reward / Onboarding Emails and Notifications
  4. Unlimited Custom Fields
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Integration 7:

MS Outlook / Teams Integration

Sync, embed, and reuse Outlook calendars, events, and contacts on your WordPress site with our Outlook and MS Teams plugin. Easily send subscriber emails from your WP site using your Microsoft Outlook account.

Key Features:
  1. Send subscriber emails using MS Graph API
  2. Enable SSO for MS Teams tab application
  3. Embed and sync Outlook calendars / events on WP site
  4. Schedule Meetings Easily
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