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Key Features

E-Commerce User Management

Sync users/customers from WP (WooCommerce) to Azure AD/ Azure B2C tenant. Support for checkout forms and WordPress registrations

Employee Directory (Profile Picture)

Display your complete Azure AD/B2C users directory in the WordPress along with profile pictures

Microsoft Apps Integration

Enable seamless integration with Microsoft/Office 365 apps like Dynamic CRM, Power Apps, Outlook, Calendar etc.

Office365 Email

Send WordPress emails using Microsoft/Office 365 Graph API with custom HTML templates and personalized email

Microsoft Teams

Display WordPress site/pages/posts data in the Microsoft Teams application as tabs or streamline in the channel

Connect WordPress with Azure AD / Azure B2C / Office 365 / Microsoft 365 / Active Directory

User sync for Azure AD / Azure B2C / Office 365 plugin provides seamless integration with different Microsoft / Office 365 applications. This plugin uses Microsoft Graph API to perform user synchronization and account management operations(create, read, update, delete) within an Azure AD / Azure B2C directory. Using Azure AD / Azure B2C / Office 365 user sync plugin, you can create accounts in the Azure AD / B2C tenant when they are created/updated on the WordPress site. The integrations with Microsoft / Office 365 apps like Sharepoint/OneDrive allow you to display files from the root folder of your SharePoint/OneDrive library to your WordPress site.

User sync for Azure AD / Azure B2C / Office 365 plugin also enables you to embed Power BI content on WordPress sites based on the user’s capabilities and display it to your WordPress customer accounts. Our WordPress SAML 2.0 SSO plugin allows SSO / login in WordPress (WP) using Azure AD, Azure B2C, Microsoft office 365, or ADFS. Integration with Microsoft Teams application provides users with a seamless experience to view wordpress content like pages/posts/data within Microsoft Team’s default tabs and group channels.

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Bi-directional Sync (Profile Mapping)

Sync user profiles periodically both ways to maintain user consistency

Password Sync

Push user’s password from WordPress to Azure on registration/updation

Multi-tenant Sync

Sync users from multiple Azure AD/B2C tenants/directories

Single Sign-On

Easy access to the site using SSO (Azure AD/B2C/Office365 as IDP and WordPress as SP)

24x7 Support

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Extended Functionality

Integration with 3rd party plugins like Learndash, WooCommerce, BuddyBoss and so on

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miniorange img Popular Azure AD Integrations:

  • User Synchronization for WordPress and Azure AD / Azure B2C:

    Bidirectional User synchronization can be achieved between Azure AD/AzureB2C/Office365 and WordPress. Automatically create users in the WordPress for all users existing in Azure Active Directory as well as Create users in Azure B2C simultaneously while they register on the WordPress site via woo-commerce or BuddyPress.

      1. Sync from WordPress to Azure AD:

      If your users register with a user registration form on your own page at WordPress, our integration helps you create these users with all their profile attributes at the Azure AD / Azure B2C directory seamlessly behind the scenes. Integration using Graph API helps you manage your users at Azure Active Directory / Azure B2C Directory. The operations like create, read, update and delete user accounts can be achieved using our Azure AD Integration plugin.

      2. Sync from Azure AD to WordPress:

      Our solution allows you to sync user's creation, updation and deletion from your Azure AD / Azure B2C directory to the WordPress site. It automatically provisions newly created or updated Users at Azure AD side into WordPress in Real Time. The solution also supports scheduled user synchronization from Azure AD to WordPress. This increases security and reduces costs by eliminating the possibility of idle user accounts and unauthorized information access .

  • SharePoint / PowerBI Integration for WordPress and Azure AD / Azure B2C:

    The integration allows you to embed and display a SharePoint Online / OneDrive library into any WordPress post or page. This also enables displaying PowerBI content in WordPress. Integration with SharePoint API allows you to get results / user details in WordPress using queries. This gives the ability to search for any type of content like documents or tasks on your WordPress site.

  • Microsoft Graph API Integration for WordPress and Azure AD / Azure B2C:

    This integration allows you to send WordPress emails using Microsoft Graph APIs. You can seamlessly access Outlook / Calendar / Delve data in the WordPress site with our integration. Seamless Graph API integration for enabling user synchronization along with all the user profile attributes between WordPress and Azure AD or Azure B2C directory. This also enables you to fetch the groups from Azure B2C / Azure AD Directory and provide them user capabilities by assigning them to different WordPress roles.

  • Azure AD Employee Directory Sync with WordPress:

    Our integration allows you Create and manage Azure AD Employee Directory in the WordPress site with real-time user details synchronization. Display the user details at WordPress and provide advanced functionalities like sorting the user detail columns with any specific attribute or search this employee directory by some user information.

Note : If you are looking for Single Sign-On (SSO) into WordPress using Azure AD / Azure B2C / Office 365 then you can configure WordPress SSO using our WordPress SAML SSO Plugin. To know more about other features we provide in the WordPress SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin, you can click here

miniorange img Azure - WordPress User Synchronization plugin :

Configure Bidirectional User Synchronization from Azure/AzureB2C/Office365 to WordPress and WordPress to Azure/AzureB2C/Office365 by installing our plugin below.

Sync user data from Azure/AzureB2C/Office365 to WordPress. The Azure/O365 Sync plugin uses Microsoft graph API to fetch users from Microsoft Azure Active Directory | Enable Office 365 WordPress integration with Power BI, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and more. [24*7 Support]

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