Inkling as SP and Drupal as an IDP I Inkling SSO for Drupal


    • Login into your Drupal instance using your admin account.
    • Go To Extend click on Install new module.

      Drupal SAML IDP install module
    • Upload the downloaded module as a .zip file. Then click on Install.

      Drupal SAML IDP upload zip file
    • After successful installation, click on Enable newly added modules and enable the module. Then click Save configuration button.

      Drupal SAML IDP update manager
      Drupal SAML IDP miniorange
    • Configure the module:

      1. Obtain issuer(Entity id), ACS URL, if SP is configured for signed requests then you need to provide the certificate in the module as well. Obtain it from metadata file of Inkling.
      2. In SERVICE PROVIDER SETUP tab of IDP module enter the values:

        Service Provider NameChoose appropriate name according to your choice.
        SP Entity ID or Issuer Inkling Entity ID
        ACS URLInkling Assertion Consumer Service URL.
        X.509 Certificate (optional) [For Signed Request] Paste certificate value you copied from the Metadata file.
        NameID FormatSelect urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress.
        Assertion Signed Checked.

      3. Drupal SAML IDP upload metadata
      4. Configure Service Provider i.e. provide Identity Provider details to the Service Provider.

        Drupal SAML IDP identity provider
      5. Attribute Mapping: Choose an attribute value and then click on Save.

        Drupal SAML IDP attribute mapping

      You have now successfully configured Drupal as your IdP!

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