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Connect Learnworlds SSO module with Drupal

In this document, we will take you through the steps to configure SSO between Drupal and LearnWorlds. This will allow your users to login to LearnWorlds using their Drupal credentials. Please follow the step-by-step guide to configure the miniOrange LearnWorlds SSO module for Drupal 8 | 9  

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  • Once you have installed the miniorange LearWorlds SSO module in Drupal, please go to the configuration page of the learnworlds_sso module.
  • Enter your LearnWorlds Server API, the Client ID and Client Secret provided to you by LearnWorlds.(Please refer to the image below)
  • Drupal learnWorld Configuration
  • If you do not have access to your LearWorlds API, you can do so by going to the My Account -> Premium Member section of your Learn.Worlds dashboard.
  • Drupal learnworld premium members
  • Now, click on the Request API Keys button as shown in the image below.
  • Drupal learnworld request key
  • This will trigger a request to the LearnWorlds support team and within 1-2 working days your API access will be enabled.Once that is done you will receive an email from LearnWorlds informing you of enabling the service along with usage examples and credentials including your API endpoint, LearnWorlds Client ID and Client Secret.
  • Once you have saved your configurations in Drupal, You will find a similar URL to the one that is highlighted in the image below.
  • Drupal learnworld init sso
  • You can use this URl from anywhere that you wish to to initiate SSO login in LearnWorlds using Drupal credentials.

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