Guide for Drupal Single Sign On (SSO) using miniOrange as Identity Provider (IdP)

miniOrange Single Sign On (SSO) for Drupal miniOrange provides a ready to use solution for Drupal. This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out secure access to your Drupal site using miniOrange within minutes.

Step 1: Configuring miniOrange as Identity Provider (IdP)

  • Go to miniOrange Admin console and login with your miniOrange credentials.
  • From the left menu, go to Apps Manage Apps.
  • drupal saml sp manage apps
  • In the right upper corner, select Configure Apps.
  • drupal saml sp configured apps
  • In the search apps textbox, type Drupal. Select Drupal(SAML) and click on Add App.
  • drupal saml sp select drupal
  • Enter the followings in the textboxes.
  • Custom Application Name App name you like to provide. Eg. Drupal.
    SP Entity ID or Issuer Enter SP Entity ID / Issuer from the Service Provider Metadata tab of the Module.
    ACS URL Enter ACS (AssertionConsumerService) URL from the Service Provider Metadata tab of the Module.
    Name Id Select E-Mail Address as a Name Id from dropdown list.
    drupal saml sp add application

Step 2: Creating policy for the App

  • Select DEFAULT from the Group Name dropdown.
  • Enter Policy Name you would like to provide. Eg Drupal Policy.
  • Select Password from the First Factor Type dropdown.
  • Click on Save button to add the App.
  • drupal saml sp add policy
  • From the Configured App list, search your application name you just added and click on the Metadata link.
  • drupal saml sp metadata link
  • Click on the Download Metadata button.
  • drupal saml sp download metadata

Step 3: Configuring Drupal as Service Provider (SP)

  • In miniOrange SAML Module, go to Service Provider tab. There are two ways to configure the Module:
    • idp_sso_image1By Uploading miniOrange Metadata File :

      • Click on Upload IDP Metadata.
      • Upload metadata file you just downloaded and click on Upload.

      idp_sso_image8Manual Configuration :

      • Provide the required settings (i.e. Identity Provider Name, IdP Entity ID or Issuer, SAML Login URL, X.509 Certificate) and save it.
      Identity Provider Name Enter your IdP name. For Example : Miniorange.
      IdP Entity ID or Issuer IdP Entity ID or Issuer URL from the APPS / VIEW IDP METADATA in miniOrange.
      SAML Login URL SAML Login URL from the APPS / VIEW IDP METADATA in miniOrange.
      X.509 Certificate Paste the X.509 Certificate APPS / VIEW IDP METADATA in miniOrange.
  • Click on Save Configuration button.

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