Freshdesk SAML Single Sign On ( SSO ) Integration with Drupal as IDP

Drupal Freshdesk Integration will allow you to configure Single Sign-On ( SSO ) login between your Drupal site and Freshdesk. Freshdesk SSO integration with your Drupal site will help your users to login into Freshdesk using their Drupal credentials. The Drupal SAML IDP module is compatible with Drupal 7 as well as Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. Here we will go through a step-by-step guide to configure SAML IDP SSO login between Drupal site and Freshdesk considering as SP ( Service Provider ) and Drupal as IDP ( Identity Provider ).

Freshdesk is an online cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support with all smart automations to get things done faster. The main purpose of establishing a Single Sign-On ( SSO ) process with Freshdesk is to allow your users a single point of entry into your system while providing them access to multiple other independent systems.

If you have any queries or if you need any sort of assistance in configuring the module, you can contact us at If you want, we can also schedule an online meeting to help you configure the Drupal SAML IDP 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO) - SAML Identity Provider module.

Features and Pricing

Know more about Drupal SAML IDP module from here.

Pre-requisites: Download

You can download the Drupal SAML IDP module from here.

Steps to configure Freshworks ( Freshdesk ) Single Sign-on ( SSO ) Login into Drupal website

1. Configure Drupal as Identity Provider

  • Login into your Drupal site Admin console and navigate to Extend tab of top menu bar.
  • drupal saml idp click extend
  • Select the Install new module option to install a new module in your Drupal website.
  • drupal saml idp click install new module
  • Upload the downloaded zip file of the module and click on Install button to continue the next step.
  • drupal saml idp choose download zip file
  • Select Enable newly added modules.
  • drupal saml idp click enable newly added module
  • Search for miniOrange SAML and scroll down till you find miniOrange SAML Identity Provider. Click on the checkbox and next to it and click on the Install button to enable the module.
  • drupal saml idp search miniorange saml identity-provider
  • Navigate to the Configuration tab and Select Drupal SAML IDP Configuration.
  • drupal saml idp go to configuration tab
  • In the IDP Metadata, Copy the IDP Entity ID/Issuer and SAML Login URL and Keep it handy.
  • drupal saml idp - idp metadata tab
  • In the Service Provoder Setup tab, and enter the name of Service provider as Freshdesk.
  • drupal saml idp enter service provider name

2. SAML: Freshdesk Configuration

  • To integrate the Drupal site as an Identity Provider ( IDP ), you will need to install Drupal SAML IDP module:
  • Before you configure, make note of some of the requirements/features that Freshworks SAML implementation supports.
    • Freshdesk currently support SP initiated SAML SSO only.
    • Freshdesk currently support HTTP Post binding only.
    • Freshdesk require the Name Provider Format to be Unspecified with email as the value.
    • Freshdesk currently do NOT support Encrypted SAML Assertions.

3. Configure SSO Application in Freshdesk

  • Login into yourFreshdesk Admin Console as a System Admin. Navigate to Security Setting icon in the left menu sidebar.
  • freshdesk admin dashboard
  • Scroll down till you find Account section. Select Security tab, for configuring SSO for FreshDesk users.
  • freshdesk dashboard click account and select security
  • Navigate to Security settings under Login settings and select Configure Freshworks SSO to activate the SSO login.
  • go to security option under login settings and select configure freshwork sso
  • In the Signing in to Freshworks, Under Default Login Methods and select SSO Login.
  • freshdesk sso - select sso login
  • Go to Accounts and Portals under Login Methods to enable the SSO Login method.
  • freshdesk sso - enable sso login method
  • Select SAML from the Idp of your choice section.
  • select SAML
  • Enter your Entity ID provided by the IdP ( IDP EntityID / Issuer ), SAML SSO URL ( SAML Login URL ), Logout URL ( SAML Logout URL ) and Security certificate ( Certificate ) from miniOrange SAML Identity Provider module under IDP Metadata tab. Click on Configure SSO to save your information.
  •  copy your sp metadata and keep it handy
  • You have successfully completed your Freshdesk ( Freshworks ) App Service Provider side Configuration.
  • Entity ID provided by the IdP Copy the IDP Entity ID / Issuer from IDP Metadata tab in Drupal SAML IDP module and paste here.
    SAML SSO URL Copy the SAML Login URL from IDP metadata tab in Drupal SAML IDP module and paste here.
    Signing Options You can select various Signing Options from the dropdown list. For now select Only Signed Assertions.
    Logout URL (optional) Copy the SAML Logout URL from IDP metadata tab in Drupal SAML IDP module and paste here.
    Security certificate Download the Certificate from IDP metadata tab in Drupal SAML IDP module. Open it in notepad. Copy and paste the content here.

4. Integrating Drupal with Freshdesk

  • Freshdesk assign a unique Application ID to your Application. Copy the Assertion Consumer Service(ACS) URL ( ACS URL ) and Service Provider(SP) Entity ID ( SP Entity ID or Issuer ) key and keep it handy.
  • freshdesk dashboard - copy acs url and entity id or issuer
  • In Drupal's Service Provider Setup tab and paste the copied SP Entity ID or Issuer and ACS URL ( copied from the Freshdesk Portals ) in the SP Entity ID or Issuer and ACS URL text-field.
  • copied entity id and paste it drupal service provider setup tab
  • You can received the following details in you Service Provider Freshdesk.
  • Service Provider Name Name of your Service Provider.
    SP Entity ID or Issuer Copy the Service Provider(SP) Entity ID ( SP Entity ID or Issuer ) from Freshdesk and paste it.
    ACS URL Copy the Assertion Consumer Service(ACS) URL ( ACS URL) from Freshdesk and paste it.
    NameID Format urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress
    Assertion Signed Checked
  • You have Download Metadata from Freshdesk dashboard.
  • freshdesk sso download metadata
  • Navigate to Service Provide Setup tab Under Upload SP Metadata,and you can choose a downloaded zip file and click on Upload button to fetch your SP Entity ID or Issuer and ACS URL.
  • drupal saml idp upload sp metadata

5. Test configuration Drupal with Freshdesk

  • After successfully saving the configurations, please click on the Test Configuration button to test the connection between Drupal and Freshdesk.
  • drupal saml idp click on test configuration

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