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miniOrange's Single Sign On solution empowers healthcare websites to provide end-users with a streamlined, one-click login feature for accessing authorized clinical and non-clinical services.

Our plugin simplifies the configuration of access management policies for both patients and medical professionals, allowing healthcare staff to focus more on patient care rather than tedious and repetitive login processes.

One Click Login to
Patient Portal

Effortless Patient
Access Management

Robust Security for
Electronic Health Records

Streamline Patient

Our Key

Discover amazing features of the Healthcare Single Sign-On (SSO)

WordPress Healthcare SSO - healthcrae website access

Instant Access, Anywhere, Anytime

miniOrange SSO streamlines healthcare website access. Our Single Sign-On solution ensures a seamless, secure, and trusted experience, eliminating repetitive logins.

WordPress Healthcare SSO - patient doctor authentication

Enhanced Patient/Doctor Authentication

Our SSO plugin includes robust authentication mechanisms such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). IT admins can smoothly verify patient identities for secure website access.

WordPress Healthcare SSO - one click access

One-Click Access

With the miniOrange SSO solution, you only need to remember one set of login credentials. Access your electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine services, appointment scheduling, and more with just a single click.

WordPress Healthcare SSO - data privacy

Robust Patient Data Privacy

Our single sign-on feature ensures that patients' health records and medical data remain confidential and secure. The plugin enables healthcare websites to maintain greater control over patients’ sensitive data.

WordPress Healthcare SSO - access management

Simplified Access Management

miniOrange Single Sign-On (SSO) helps healthcare providers set up website access management for patients and healthcare staff.SSO makes collaboration smooth and hassle-free.

Real-World Examples of miniOrange
Healthcare SSO

We at miniOrange offer Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions for various healthcare applications that are targeted toward simplifying the patient and doctor experience and improving your website security. Some of our prominent real-world examples of Healthcare SSO are as follows:

A hospital network that has an eHealth website is facing the issue of verifying patients based on their government ID before offering them access to the Patient Portal and other healthcare services. They also get queries and complaints from patients about forgotten usernames and passwords, which causes frustration and delays medical support. To address these challenges, the hospital implemented miniOrange SSO on its website.

The Challenges

The hospital faced the following challenges before implementing our SSO solution:

    Patients, especially in the senior citizen category, needed to remember usernames and passwords, leading to forgotten credentials and delayed medical attention.

    The IT team had to address queries related to forgotten credentials as well as manage patient accounts, access, and security across the website manually, which was time-consuming and often invited errors.

    Patients had to manually fill in the medical form for appointments, which consumed a lot of their time and required refills upon mistakes.

SSO Solution Implemented

The eHealth Portal implemented the miniOrange SSO solution with OAuth/OIDC-compliant identity provider that supports healthcare. The solution enabled patients to log in to the Patient Portal using their government ID like Salesforce, Auth0, Okta, MitID, Signicat, Keycloak eliminating the need to remember usernames and passwords. The IT team was relieved of forgotten password queries and could centrally manage patient accounts, access, and security.

Popular Identity Providers We Support

Discover these trusted providers that help healthcare organizations keep patient data safe.

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  • Okta Logo
  • MIT ID Logo
    MIT ID
  • Salesforce Logo
  • Auth0 Logo
  • Ping Identity Logo
    Ping Identity
  • Signicat Logo

Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Our Healthcare SSO Solution

  • Why is Single Sign-On (SSO) important in healthcare?

    SSO enables healthcare professionals to use a single set of login credentials to access multiple applications and systems. This improves security by centralizing access control, streamlining their workflow, and lessening password fatigue.

  • How does SSO improve patient data security in healthcare?

    Single Sign-On (SSO) enhances patient data security by reducing the number of passwords healthcare staff need to manage. It reduces unauthorized access to sensitive patient data and allows for the use of strong authentication techniques like biometrics or smart cards.

  • What are some challenges to implementing SSO in healthcare?

    Implementing SSO in the healthcare industry may face difficulties such as integrating with various applications, ensuring compatibility with current systems, dealing with user resistance to change, and juggling convenience and security.

  • What are the benefits of SSO for healthcare professionals?

    SSO helps healthcare professionals focus more on patient care by reducing the time and effort spent logging in and out of various systems, lowering the risk of password-related security breaches, and reducing the need to manage multiple credentials.

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