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Joomla Customization and Plugin Development

We provide efficient Joomla customization services as per your requirements. We provide state-of-the-art plugins for Joomla with custom modifications to cater to your every need.

About Us

miniOrange provides Identity Access Management plugins with protocol like SAML, OAuth, LDAP and Security solutions like Two-Factor Authentication and OTP Verification plugins for Joomla. We can tailor the plugins as per your requirement.

miniOrange is extremely experienced and efficient in Joomla development and can develop and customize multiple Joomla features to secure Joomla sites and applications. miniOrange Joomla has a variety of integrations. You may use miniOrange to protect your website and customize it to your requirements.



Our plugin have best User Interface as well as Design too, which provides easy Usability to user.


We specialize in Joomla plugin development. If you are looking to add any custom functionality to your website we can tailor our plugin as per your requirement.


miniOrange provides you 24/7 best support as per your requirement via phone and email to solve all your queries.

Key Features

Mobile Responsive

We create completely responsive plugins.

Seamless Integration

Our plugins integrate with your website seamlessly.

Affordable Pricing

State-of-the-art plugins at compatative rates.

Joomla Design Integration

We have the ability to make any application compatible with Joomla.

Custom Plugin Development

We can create a plugin specifically for the customer's needs.

Easy Customization

We can add a custom feature for you depending on your requirements.


Chance to get featured on our website.


We provide continuous support and answers to all your queries and questions.

Joomla Custom Forms

We have custom design forms for user validation.

Joomla Custom Modification

We can modify your Joomla dashboard as per your requirements.

Looking for exclusive customization services?

If you are looking for any functionality not related to our plugins, or if you have any feature idea which you would like to incorporate into your Joomla website, please get in touch with us to discuss your use-case.

Please tell us your requirement and we will help you setup the plugin accordingly.

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