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Setup guide for Joomla Web Security plugin

 Download and install miniOrange Joomla Web Security Plugin

  • Download the plugin zip file.
  • Login as administrator in Joomla..
  • Go to  Extensions->Manage->Install.
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Here you have three options to choose from to install your extension. In most cases, you should go with the first option. The three options are:

  • Upload Package File
  • Install from Directory
  • Install from URL
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  • Install the plugin.
  • Choose miniOrange Web Security file to install.
  • Click on Components at top and select miniOrange-Web Security Lite plugin.
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miniorange img  Login Security

  • Brute Force Login / Attacks Protection – We keep track of user’s login attempts and we notify administrators and users for unusual activities if someone exceeds allowed failed login attempts. Limit the number of allowed login attempts and protect the user accounts from attack.

  • You can also display remaining attempts on Login Page. It will provide an option to inform users about their remaining attempts on the login page.

  • Protects from brute force attacks and password guessing on the login page.

miniorange img  Rename or change login page URL

  • Rename the default Joomla admin login URL (slug) to something different from the original base_url/administrator to prevent automated brute force attacks. To use this feature Enable Custom login page URL checkbox and enter the access key in the text field.
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miniorange img  Registration Security

  • Block Fake Users - We help you to detect suspicious email addresses instantly. Most of the users use disposable, fake or temporary email addresses for registering on online websites. We can help you stop accepting registrations from those emails.
  • Advanced User Verification - OTP Verification plugin verifies the Email Address/Mobile Number of users by sending verification code (OTP) during registration. It removes the possibility of a user registering with a fake Email Address/Mobile Number.
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miniorange img  IP Blocking

  • Manual and automatic blocking of IP address (Blacklisting and whitelisting included). This will help to protect your site accessing (Logged in part) from unwanted IP addresses and crawlers, which uses your server resource and bandwidth.

miniorange img  IP Whitelisting

  • Many times, we don’t need to monitor any request from our own trusted network. In this case, we whitelist the IP and let them bypass. There can be issues if anyone attacks from their own network. To protect this, every request is monitored to a certain level to verify the request does not affect the website.
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miniorange img  IP Address Range Blocking and Browser Blocking

  • If you want to block a particular range of IP addresses then you can enter the IP address range in the text field with separator ‘ - ‘.
  • Also, you can block a particular browser. So that all requests coming from that Browser will be blocked.
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miniorange img  Country Blocking

  • If you have a website that gets inundated with SPAM or hacking attempts from visitors or bots originating from certain countries, we can help you block those attempts. You can block the request coming from countries like Russia, Brazil, China, and others.
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miniorange img  Reporting

  • Traffic Monitoring – You get the option for filtering reports with various criteria like username, IP address, date. IP Lookup: Check the location of the IP and get details related to the IP. With the IP
  • Lookup feature, you can know details about the request with Country, State, and City of the IP, browser, Operating System, and take action if needed.
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miniorange img  IP Lookup (WHOIS)

  • With IP Lookup you can trace the IP address of suspicious users, you can get an idea of what part of the country or world they are accessing your website from.

miniorange img  Backup

  • Database backup – Backup your Joomla database tables easily with a single click. You can download and save it.
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miniorange img  Notification to admin and end-users

  • Send Email Alerts for IP blocking and unusual activities with user account. We also support customized email templates which you can use for branding.
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Congratulations, you have successfully configured the Joomla Web Security plugin. In case you have any questions in mind, you can always mail us at

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