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OTP plugin customization with multiple forms

OTP plugin customization with multiple forms

The Joomla OTP verification plugin uses OTP to verify a customer's email, phone number, or both. We have developed a modified Joomla OTP verification plugin to include five customized forms, the first of which confirms the customer's email address. After completing each form, the data is saved, and the user may return at any time to change the saved data and finish the remaining forms. The user's email address is confirmed each time he or she returns to edit these fields. A notice email is sent to the staff member after all forms have been completed and submitted. These customizations are aimed at three types of users: administrators, staff members, and patients.

Customer Requirements:

1) Customized Five Registration Forms

  • First Form should include basic details of the user (Name and Email Address):
  • Second Form should calculate the age from birth date and should ask users various Yes/No questions. If the user answers yes, the related explanation field should become mandatory. Users should be able to add the same information about two more patients. The user should be able to upload and remove the required documents as and when required. The form should include digital signature in the end.
  • Third form includes information about the patient’s parents. If required, details of the second parent can also be added. The first name, last name and email address of the parent are autofilled based on the information gathered in the first form. This form should also include digital signature at its end.
  • Fourth and fifth forms should include digital signature.

2) PDF and Zip creation for Download :

  • The user should be able to download all the registration forms as a combined PDF.
  • The documents uploaded by the user should be made available for downloads in the form of a .zip file.

Components in the designed solution :

  • Joomla OTP verification plugin :
  • miniOrange OTP Verification plugin verifies Email Address/Mobile Number of users by sending verification code(OTP) during registration. This plugin checks the existence of the Email Address/Mobile Number and the ability of a user to access that Email Address/Mobile Number.

    After login to the Joomla site of a staff member of the organization . Staff members should have the option to download the form and documents uploaded by the patient or delete the form.

System Flow :

The plugin customizes the registration forms as per the customer’s requirements. These customizations has three parts :

  • Administrative side :
    • The administrator needs to login to the plugin with his registered account. He/She can configure the plugin to authorize some specific group of people for accessing patient details.
    • The solution provides two links to add buttons on the front end of the site. First button directs to registration forms and the second one opens up the patient list which can be accessed only by the authorized group (staff members).
  • Patient side :
    • The patient will be prompted to fill in all five registration forms and upload the required documents.
    • On clicking the registration form link, a pop up will occur which would be the first form of registration. After its submission, email verification is done by sending an OTP on the registered email address.
    • After successful email validation, a new pop up will open up which will contain the next four subsequent registration forms.
    • We made use of jQuery for age calculation from birth date, for making some fields mandatory after meeting certain conditions, copy some fields from previously collected data and for visibility of some fields as per the requirements.
    • We made use of Ajax for removing an uploaded file, if necessary.
    • We used JS for implementing digital signature and PDF creation of all registration forms.
    • After the user hits the save button at the end of each form, the data for that form is saved, and the user can return anytime to edit or complete the remaining form. The user is automatically directed to the next form after finishing the current form.
    • When the save button is clicked for last form, a pop up with two buttons is shown:
      • Download : Enables the user to download uploaded documents (in the form of zip) and the filled registration form (in the form of pdf). After downloading, the pop up still persists and the user can submit the form.
      • Submit : Submits all forms and sends the notification to staff members.
  • Staff side :
    • Only if a logged in user is authorized as a staff member by the administrator, he/she can access the patient details. They will be given a list of patients.
    • They can download both, the registration form or the uploaded documents, for any of the patients in the displayed list.
    • They can delete the details of any patient, if needed.
    • After deleting the patient all information stored in the database will be deleted along with documents he/she uploaded.

Conclusion :

With the help of customized Joomla OTP Verification plugin, we have customized the registration forms to include all the necessary details of the patients and provided role based security to this data. These customizations validate registered email addresses using OTP, right after the first form.

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