Setup Slack App for Drupal OAuth Client

miniOrange Drupal OAuth/OpenID module gives the ability to enable OAuth/OpenID Single Sign On for Drupal site. Drupal OAuth Client module is compatible with all OAuth/OpenID Providers. Here we will go through a guide to configure SSO between Drupal and Slack. By the end of this guide, Slack users should be able to login and register to Drupal site.
If you have any doubts or queries you can contact us at We will help you to configure the module.

Step 1: Setup Slack as OAuth Provider

  • Go to and login to your Slack account.
  • Create an app : Go to the Create App page. Click on Create an App option.
  • slack oauth provider
  • Enter App name and Development Slack Workshop. App name can be anything and by default Slack Workshop is Group but you can sign in to another workspace.
  • Click On Create App.
  • slack oauth provider
  • Here you can create your own workspace.
  • slack oauth provider
  • Copy Client ID and Client Secret.
  • slack oauth provider
  • Add Redirect URL : Go to OAuth & Permissions, enter Callback URL (copied from plugin) under Redirect URLs text field and after that click on Save URLs.
  • slack oauth provider
  • Then, scroll Down to Scopes section and add necessary scopes like so and then click on Save Changes. Most importantly, these scopes must be the same on the miniOrange OAuth Client Application Configuration page.
  • slack oauth provider
  • Slack Endpoints and Scope :
  • Scope users.profile:read
    Authorize Endpoint
    Access Token Endpoint
    Get User Info Endpoint