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Step by Step guide to setup AZURE AD as IdP for Joomla SP

Step 1: Navigate to Azure Management Console. Proceed to the Active Directory tab and navigate to the Enterprise Applications tab. Click on Add and then select Application you’re developing.

Step 2:Click on New application registration.

Step 3:You need to enter the Name , Application Type(Web app) and the Sign-On URI(SSO URL). Click on the tick mark to create the application .

Step 4:Click on created App under Display Name. Navigate to the Manifest button. Click on Edit. There will be an ‘identifierUris’. Paste SP Entity ID as a identifierUris value. Click on the save button to save the file.

Step 5:Navigate to the Endpoints button. There will be a metadata URL.

Information in this metadata document is required to configure your Joomla plugin. Enter the following values in the IdentityProvider Settings tab in the plugin configuration.

Identity Provider Name: ADFS
SAML Login URL: https:///adfs/ls
SAML Logout URL: https:///adfs/ls
IdP Entity ID: http:///adfs/services/trust
X.509 Certificate: Paste the certificate value you copied from the ADFS Metadata file.
Response Signed: Unchecked
Assertion Signed: Checked
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