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How to setup web3 login for ASP.NET applications?

Web3 Login for ASP.NET applications enables you to log into your ASP.NET application with a secure decentralized system using blockchain wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect, or any EVM Compatible Wallet. Web3’s Single Sign-On technology allows you to log in with secure encryption without having to carry out a transaction. No need for one-time passwords or authenticator applications with an intuitive UI which makes it possible for users with little or zero experience get onboard. To know more about the features we provide for web3 login for ASP.NET, click here.

Pre-requisites: Download And Installation

PM> NuGet\Install-Package miniOrange.web3.login -Version 3.0.2

  • After integration, open your browser and browse the library dashboard with the URL below:
    https://localhost:443**/?moaction=config or
  • If the registration page or login page pops up, you have successfully added the miniOrange ASP.NET Web3 library to your application.
  • Web3 Login for ASP.NET applications - Register/Login Page
  • Register or log in with your account by clicking the Register button to configure the library.
  • This will work as your local admin for your library configuration.

Steps to configure Web3 Login for ASP.NET Applications

1. Enable Web3 login

  • Click on the toggle button to enable web3 login and establishing a session, under Dashboard tab.
  • Web3 Login for ASP.NET applications - Enable Web3 Login

2. Testing Web3 login

  • After enabling web3 login, click on Test Configuration to test the complete flow of web3 authentication.
  • After successful test configuration, wallet address will be displayed as shown below.
  • Web3 Login for ASP.NET applications - Testing Web3 Login

3. Integration Code

  • After successful test result, you can use the integration code from the Integration Code tab in the module wherever you want to access the user attributes. Just copy-paste that code snippet wherever you want to access the user attributes.
  • Web3 Login for ASP.NET applications - User Attribute Mapping

4. Login Settings

  • Use the following URL as a link in your application from where you want to perform SSO:
    https://localhost:443**/?moaction=config or

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