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wordpress single sign-on sso - scim user provsioning

SCIM User Provisioning

SCIM User Provisioning allows you to sync user's creation, updation and deletion from your IDP to WordPress site

wordpress single sign-on sso - page & post restriction

Page and Post Restriction

Page and Post Restriction plugin restricts WordPress pages and posts based on User Roles and User's Login Status

wordpress single sign-on sso - WordPress Salesforce Communities

WordPress Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Community addon allows users from multiple Salesforce Communities to seamlessly Single Sign-On (SSO) into your WordPress site

wordpress single sign-on sso - learndash integrator

Learndash Integrator

LearnDash Integration will map the SSO users to LearnDash groups as per the user group attributes sent by your Identity Provider

wordpress single sign-on sso - buddypress integrator

BuddyPress Integrator

Allows to integrate user attribute information received from SAML Identity Provider with the user's BuddyPress profile

wordpress single sign-on sso - sso session management

MemberPress Integrator

miniOrange MemberPress Integrator will map the SSO users to memberpress Membership levels as per the attributes sent by your Identity Provider.

wordpress single sign-on sso - sso login audit

SSO Login Audit

SSO Login Audit captures and tracks all the SSO users and generates reports

wordpress single sign-on sso - guest user login

Guest User Login

Guest User Login allows users to login to WordPress site without creating a WordPress user account for them.

wordpress single sign-on sso - woocommecrce integrator

WooCommerce Integrator

WooCommerce Integrator allows you to map the attributes sent by your SAML IDP to the WooCommerce checkout page fields.

wordpress single sign-on sso - paid membership pro

Paid Membership Pro Integrator

Paid Memberships Pro Integrator allows you to map the Paid Memberships Pro groups based on the attributes sent by the Identity Provider.

wordpress single sign-on sso - wp members integrator

WP-Members Integrator

Members Integrator maps the user attributes fetched from your Identity Provider with Members attributes

wordpress single sign-on sso - media restriction

Media Restriction

Media Restriction add-on restrict unauthorized users from accessing the media files on your WordPress site.

wordpress single sign-on sso - profile picture map

Profile Picture Map

miniOrange Profile Picture Mapping allows you to map profile picture sent from your IDP to your WordPress profile picture.

wordpress single sign-on sso - federation sso

Federation Single Sign On

Federation SSO allows configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) support for multiple IDPs and authenticating with different IDPs using SAML protocol

wordpress single sign-on sso - sso session management

SSO Session Management

SSO session management add-on manages the login session time of your users based on their WordPress roles.

wordpress single sign-on sso - attribute based redirection

Attribute Based Redirection

Attribute Based Redirection plugin can be used to restrict and redirect users to different URL's based on SAML attributes

wordpress single sign-on sso - user role editor

User Role Editor

WP User Role Editor plugin is a complete user management suite to manage users, user membership, user access rights, roles and capabilities.

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miniorange img  Recommended for SAML Single Sign On

WordPress Single Sign On SSO login with Azure, Azure B2C, Okta, ADFS, Keycloak, Ping, Onelogin, Gsuite, Shibboleth & many SAML IdPs [24/7 SUPPORT]

 Tested with 6.1

miniorange img  Recommended for OAuth / OpenID Connect Single Sign On

WordPress Login ( SSO ) with Azure AD, Azure B2C, AWS Cognito, Okta, Ping, Clever, WSO2, Onelogin, Keycloak, many OAuth & OpenID Providers [24×7 SUPPORT]

 Tested with 5.9.2
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