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AWS Cognito Integration with Joomla OAuth Client

 Joomla SSO Single Sign On with AWS Cognito

AWS Cognito, the Joomla AWS Cognito integrator works with the Joomla OAuth & OpenId Connect Client Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin. Login, Registration, Profile Update, and Password Reset are a few of the user functions offered with the Joomla AWS Cognito integrator. All of these activities may be managed by Joomla administrators or users. With this Joomla AWS Cognito integration, you can provide a uniform user experience for all AWS Cognito users on your Joomla site. You don’t need to use the AWS Cognito User experience to administer them.

During the login event, the Joomla AWS Cognito integrator creates users in Joomla based on the Attribute and Role Mapping set in the OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin and logs them in later during SSO.

Licensing Plans

Features available in the Cognito integrator login

1. Cognito login from default Joomla-login form

2. Account creation for new users in Joomla

3. Advanced Attribute mapping for Joomla account

4. Joomla Role mapping

5. Reset Password

Features that are implemented as per customer request specific to their environments.

1. Integration with custom/third party login form

2. Auto create user in cognito after registration on Joomla (support for different registration forms)

3. Update the user profile on cognito for any changes in Joomla profile

If you have any other requirements apart from the above mentioned features, we can customize the cognito Integration according to your use case and the user flow.

*There is an additional cost associated with customizations. Please contact us at

Use Cases

A] User Registration in Cognito user pools from Joomla site

The registration form on a Joomla site is often created with one of the form plugins such as gravity forms, elementor, Joomla forms, or Formidable Pro Forms. The registration form includes all of the input fields required for the use case. Users then register in that form, just like any other registration form, and they are effortlessly added to your Cognito user pool; all of the tiresome work is done at the backend by the Joomla Cognito integrator. This use case is often expanded by include email / phone number verification during registration, as well as adding the Profile Update form and Password Reset form in Joomla, which both perform well. This will need to be customized to include support for the registration form you're using and the profile information it includes.

B] Login users into Joomla without redirecting them to Cognito

This is handy if you want to alter the login form design with CSS of your own choosing. Cognito, on the other hand, does not give this choice. It would have been feasible to utilize the Premium version of our OAuth & OpenID Connect Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin to create a login form of your choosing in Joomla and login users using Password grant, however Cognito does not allow Password grant either. As a result, the only alternative left is to utilize the Joomla Cognito integrator, which solves this issue flawlessly.
This is also beneficial if you don't want to redirect users to Cognito at all for Single Sign-On (SSO) and instead want to develop a Joomla login form that authenticates users from Cognito. The cognito integrator will handle the login from the Joomla default login form. Please contact us if you are utilizing a third-party/custom login form to see whether it will be supported by the existing solution or if it requires customization.

C] Have multiple Joomla sites, choose Cognito to maintain users

If you have multiple Joomla sites and don't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining separate login / registration for all the applications and instead want a seamless Registration from one site and login with the same credentials to all the sites, Joomla Cognito integrator is a one-stop solution. This will need to be customized based on your registration form and the number of sites you use cognito login for.

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