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Canvas OAuth & OpenID connect Single Sign-On (SSO) | Canvas SSO Login

Configure Canvas Single Sign-On ( SSO ) with WordPress OAuth & OpenID Connect Single Sign-On ( SSO ) plugin. Enable secure login into WordPress using Canvas as OAuth and OpenID Connect provider. Canvas Single Sign-On ( SSO ) with WordPress allows your users to login to your WordPress and access the site by authenticating with their Canvas identity provider. You can also configure plugin using different IDPs such as Azure AD, Office 365, and other custom providers. It supports advanced Single Sign-On ( SSO ) features such as user profile Attribute mapping, Role mapping, multi-tenant login etc. Here we will go through a guide to configure Canvas Single Sign-On ( SSO ) with WordPress for user authentication. By the end of this guide, users should be able to perform secure login to WordPress and access the site with Canvas SSO. To know more about other features we provide in WP OAuth Single Sign-On ( OAuth & OpenID Connect Client ) plugin, you can click here.

We provide WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) with multiple education providers, you can find some popular providers below



Google Classroom

Office 365

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In this Guide, you have successfully configured Canvas Single Sign-On (SSO) by configuring Canvas as OAuth Provider and WordPress as OAuth Client using our WP OAuth Single Sign-On ( OAuth & OpenID Connect Client ) plugin. This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out secure access to your WordPress site using Canvas login credentials within minutes.

Canvas SSO with Learndash Role Mapping

Canvas SSO with Learndash Role Mapping

If you are using Learndash as your WordPress LMS and want to assign different Learndash courses to your (Classlink, Clever, Google Classroom) users based on their schools or different sections (such as k1, k2). You can use our WordPress Learndash Integration Add-on, with the add-on instead of individually adding each person to a specific Learndash course, we may assign them directly to that course during SSO based on user groups and roles so that they can access that course straight from the WordPress site.

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