setup miniOrange as OAuth/OpenID provider

Step 3: Configure miniOrange as an OAuth/OpenID Connect Server.

  • Go to and login to your miniOrange account.
  • You will be presented with the following screen. Click on miniOrange as OpenID Connect Server.
  • miniOrange dashboard
  • Now, Go to OAuth/OIDC and click on OpenId Connect.
  • Select App type
  • Enter the Client Name and enter Redirect URL from Callback/redirect URL field in miniOrange OAuth Client module and click on Save.
  • Add Application
  • Now, click on Edit.
  • Edit Application
  • You will be given the Client ID and Client Secret. Copy them, you will need in the next step. Now, click on Click here to add App Authentication Policy.
  • App Authentication Policy
  • Select your application from the application drop-down. Select the group (if there isn’t any group, select DEFAULT). Enter the policy name and select the first factor type. Click on Save.
  • Add App Authentication Policy
    Scope: email profile openid
    Authorize EndPoint:
    Access Token Endpoint:
    User Info Endpoint: