Configure OTP Verification module for Drupal 7

Step 1: Install miniOrange OTP Verification module

  • Click here to download miniOrange OTP Verification module(.zip).
  • OTP_sso_download miniOrange OTP Verification
  • On your Drupal 7 console go to Module Install new module.
  • OTP_sso_Module page of Drupal 7 console
  • Browse and choose the downloaded zip then click on Install button.
  • OTP_sso_Upload the downloaded zip
  • Click on Enable newly added modules link.
  • OTP_sso_Update Manager page
  • Scroll down till you find miniOrange OTP Verification. Click on the checkbox next to it and click on the Save Configuration button to enable the module.
  • OTP_sso_Module page of the drupal console
  • Now next to the miniOrange OTP Verification, you will find an option to Configure the Module. Click on it to continue to the configuration page of the module.
  • OTP_sso_Option to Configure the Module

Step 2: Configure miniOrange OTP Verification module

  • Register/Login with MiniOrange.
  • OTP_sso_Register/Login page
  • Now click on the Settings tab, and select Enable Email Verification (If you want OTP over SMS, you can select the Enable Phone Verification option) and click on the Save button to save your configurations.
  • OTP_sso_Settings tab of the module
  • Now click on the link given in point number 4 to Deselect the Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account option.
  • OTP_sso_Point number 4 on the settings tab of the module
  • Ensure that the Require email verification when a visitor creates an account option is not checked. Click on the SAVE button on the bottom of the page to save your settings
  • OTP_sso_image
  • Congratulations, you have successfully configured the Drupal 7 OTP Verification module. Now when new user try to register he will be asked for OTP Verification.
  • Still, if you are facing any difficulty or if you have any questions in mind, you can reach out to us by submitting a query in the Support tab of a module or by sending us a mail at