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Configure Postman to connect to the WP OAuth server

Configure Postman to connect to the WP OAuth server

Postman is a tool that eases the API testing process. Using Postman, we can test the WordPress OAuth server setup. With Postman, It supports all types of requests like GET, POST, etc. Postman provides an easy-to-configure interface for making HTTP requests.To know more about other features we provide in WP OAuth Server plugin, click here.

Postman collection: Postman provides a collection in which you can arrange your requests, and you can also share this collection with others to test the API. To test the OAuth server, you can download the postman collection from our OAuth server plugin and follow our tutorial to test the OAuth server configuration.

Download And Installation

  • Log into your WordPress instance as an admin.
  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins and click on Add New.
  • Search for a WordPress OAuth Server Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin and click on Install Now.
  • Once installed click on Activate.

1. Steps to configure WP OAuth server Single Sign-On (SSO) setup using Postman

  • Go to WP OAuth Server Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin and download the Postman Collection.
  • WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman- download postman
  • Open postman and select import on the top left corner. Click on the Upload File button and choose the downloaded JSON file from the OAuth Server plugin. Then click on the import button after selecting the file.
  • WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman-import the postman json file
  • Now the collection will appear on the sidebar in the collection tab. The collection name will appear as OAuth. Open the OAuth collection and the Authorization Grant request inside it.
  • WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman- click on oauth collection
  • Open the Authorization tab. Scroll down to find the Get New Access Token button, click on that.
  • WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman- get access token
  • It will initiate the authorization request in a browser window. You will be prompted with the consent screen. Click on Allow button to provide the consent.
  • WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman-allow option
  • You will then see the "Authorization complete" message from the postman. Click on Proceed.
  • WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman- proceed-btn
  • You will get the access_token and id_token in the response. User details can be fetched directly from the id_token or use access_token to make the resource request. To use the access_token, click on Use Token.
  • WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman- access-token-button
  • Postman will add the token to the Current Token. It means we have an access token and we are ready to use it. To use this id token to get the user's information. Click on the "Send" button to receive the user info.
  • WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman- get the id-token WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman- send-btn
  • You will receive the user's info in the response tab.
              "ID": 1,
              "username":"Test User",
              "display_name":"Test User"
    WP OAuth Server SSO with Postman-userinfo

In this Guide, you have successfully configured WordPress OAuth server with Postman.

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