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Setup Guide for Configure Role Based Redirection in Joomla

miniOrange Role Based Redirection plugin can be used to restrict and redirect users to different URL's based on the role of users in Joomla.

1. Install Joomla Role Based Redirection plugin

  • Download the zip file for the miniOrange Role Based Redirection plugin from the miniOrange dashboard here .
  • Login into your Joomla site’s administrator console.
  • From the left toggle menu, click on System, then under Install section click on Extensions.
  • page and article restriction- Install
  • Upload the downloaded zip file to install the Role Based Redirection plugin.
  • Enable Role Based Redirection plugin
  • After successful installation of the plugin go to Components -> Role Based Redirection -> Setting.
  • Enable Role Based Redirection plugin

2. Enable Role Based Redirection for SSO/Login

  • This feature allows you to redirect users to particular pages after successful login or SSO according to respective roles. You need to check the checkbox Enable Role based redirection for SSO/ Login to use this feature. Then enter the URL where you want to redirect your user with a specific role.
  • Enable Role Based Redirection -SSO Login

3. Enable Role Based Redirection for Logout

  • Redirecting the user to a specific page after a successful logout. You can enable role based redirection for logout and specify a different page for roles you want to direct after successful logout. Users will always be redirected to the page specified in the redirect URL field for that role after logout.
  • Enable Role Based Redirection - Logout

4. Block User to Login

  • You can enable this option and then select specific groups/roles of users to allow them to login to your Joomla site. If you do not want to restrict any specific roles from logging in to your Joomla site then you can disable this option.
  • Enable Role Based Redirection - block user

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