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Key Features

Single Sign-On
Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for all of your users and they can access your Craft CMS based website with existing IdP credentials providing affiliated login experience with one time login.
SSO Integrations
miniOrange provides Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations with all types of protocols like SAML, OAuth2.0, OpenID connect, CAS, LDAP, WS-Fed, Radius, etc.
Existing User store integrations
Provides real time Single Sign-On(SSO) access for users without having to move users from their existing user stores like Federated Identity Provider, OAuth / OpenID Providers, Active Directory / LDAP, GSuite/Google Apps etc.
Multiple IDPs Supported
Configure SSO support for multiple IDPs and authenticating different types of users with different IDPs.
Risk Based authentication
Enhancing security to your Craft CMS access avoiding Fraud prevention based on IP, Device, Location and Time based rules.
Widget/Shortcode for IDP Login
Configure your login widget according to your store’s theme .Contact us at for customizing the widget specifically for you.
Complete Site Protection
Keep your website private and secured by allowing only the users present in your IDP to access the Craft CMS based site. Any external users won’t be able to access any page of your site.
User Sync
New users can be auto-created during Single Sign-On while existing users can log in into their existing Craft CMS profile. Sync user profile attributes such as first name, last name, tags, address, etc. present in your IDP to Craft CMS user profile fields.
Mobile Application Support
Allow existing users to SSO into Craft CMS based site embedded in Mobile Application web-view via JWT token available within Mobile Application or perform SSO via JWT Token provided by your external web-service.
SSO for Existing User Store
Connect any existing Databases like MYSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and any existing web-service Application based on JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, .NET, etc and allow all users to perform Single Sign on into your Craft CMS.
Single Logout SLO
Federated Authentication feature to sign out the user session from Craft CMS as well as Identity provider with a single action using the Single Logout Endpoint.

Setup SSO with Multiple IDP's

Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Azure AD
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Azure B2C
Active Directory
AWS User Store
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Identity Server 4


Easy to Configure

Login to your Craft CMS using SAML 2.0,OAuth,OpenID compliant Identity Providers with easy configuration.

More Secure

Add more security to your existing login with added layers of Multifactor Authentication like 2FA and OTP login.

Redirect URL

Adding Redirect URL for switching users to specific page of Craft CMS after SSO or leaving blank for bringing them back to the page where SSO is initiated.

24/7 Active Support

We provide world-class support and customers vouch for our support.

Mobile Support

All types of phones are supported by Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Basic Phones, Landlines, etc.

Real Time Control

Alert or terminate the user session if the user performs any forbidden action.

Quick Setup and Strong Authentication

Only a few steps are required to enable session management security on Craft CMS with ease of time.

On-premise Support

On-premise solution is available for utmost security

Boost Productivity

Allow employees to quickly access your admin dashboard of Craft CMS with a single click, without having to manage, remember, & reset multiple passwords.

Branding / Customization

Get customization on our products which are platform independent and easily accessed by an end user.

Reduce Complexity

Use a centralized system to store all of your customers and reduce efforts to manage many application accounts, nullify human errors and complexity.

Need Guidance?

Mail us at for quick guidance(via email/meeting) on your requirement and our team will help you to select the best suitable solution/plan as per your requirement and your selected OAuth / OpenID provider. We can also help you to select a suitable plan as per your requirement.

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