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Custom Magento Extension Development Services

Custom Magento Extension Development by miniOrange enriches the functionality of your store, improves customer experience, and boosts sales by creating custom extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Our Magento Custom Extension Development service makes it easier for you to make your E-commerce store the top destination for online shopping! Every business has its own requirements when it comes to going online. It is possible that our extensions cannot fulfill those requirements. The Magento Custom Extension Development service is always available if you need it! Your day has just been saved!

There are many open-source CMSes for developing e-commerce stores. Magento is one of the most popular. Customers can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience using the flexible platform to build a feature-rich online store. It is worth mentioning, however, that Magento 2 and Magento 1 default versions have some limitations. There is a solution: extensions! There are a number of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions that miniOrange offers that serve a variety of functionality within the store.

For Magento custom module development, you can count on our Magento-certified developers. Using Magento 1 and Magento 2, you can manage your store, speed up your website, improve customer experience, increase social shares, boost sales, integrate a payment gateway of your choice, and provide a secure online shopping platform for your valued customers with its flexible CMS.

Developing custom Magento extensions based on your business requirements is included in the custom Magento development service. Let us know what you would like to see in the store, and you can sit back and relax! We will take care of everything else.

Boost your e-commerce business with Magento custom development

Customized solutions

You can have Magento developed according to your specific needs. With a Magento development company that knows how to take on specific business challenges, you will receive a unique solution tailored to meet your needs.

Exclusive feature

Take advantage of an exclusive solution that is unmatched by your competitors. Get a competitive advantage by implementing custom functionality that meets your business needs.

Satisfaction of customers

We offer solutions that improve customer experience, improve retention, and ultimately, increase revenue through our UX/UI expertise.


Using Magento, you can get all the functionalities you need for your ever-growing business needs. Your business's needs will change over time, so you'll benefit from a customized solution that scales as your business grows.

Keeping the peace

With our solutions, you can be assured that your sensitive data will be protected according to the highest security standards and compliance with PCI. Ensure the security of your Magento-powered store by installing SSL certificates and Adobe security patches.

Seamless integration

From the ground up, a custom solution is developed for your business in order to fit in with the existing processes and systems you use. Your company's workflow is smoothly and securely integrated, guaranteeing compatibility with other internal software systems.

What we offer you


Experts with experience

We have certified developers on our development team an experienced Magento developer with over a decade of experience.


Research in detail

As a result of the research we conduct and the services we provide, we are able to perform a detailed in-depth analysis of the extension requirements.


You'll get results guaranteed

Active support of our experts for your client’s use case & sales.


Solution And Features

The extension will remain compatible regardless of future updates and the quality of the service is guaranteed.


Testing of quality with precision

We have certified testing professionals on our team. Our services are quick and based on the latest methodologies.


Developing custom solutions

Add functionality to your e-store with Magento plugin development. Consider getting a customized module based on the specific needs of your business if default extensions are unable to meet your needs.


Develop turnkey websites

Generate revenue with a fully functional, reliable and UX-focused website. Let us take care of the nuances — with your approval, we choose and configure the platform, decide on the environment and hosting conditions, create an individual design and install either ready-made or custom Magento extensions.


Magento integrations

Upscale your business by integrating your store with any third-party solutions. Automate sales process, collect valuable insights or optimize financial planning with all types of solutions at your disposal — CRMs, analytics tools, payment solutions, Amazon, eBay, Facebook Shop, and any other on your demand.


Support and maintenance

You can always count on timely and efficient technical support from your custom development team. An in-house team knows your solution inside and out, so they can easily fix or update it whenever the need arises.

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They helped me solve my problem very quickly. The product works very well and quite consistently. When you encounter any problem, they contact you as soon as possible and suggest a solution. The support team is excellent !!

Awesome People,
Awesome Product,
Great Support
Magento 2 SSO | Magento 2 Single Sign On

The plugin is easy to configure and the support was quick. Authentication is something to take seriously. MiniOrange resolved an issue that would otherwise be a dealbreaker for us.
Custom work was done timely and does precisely what it needs to do. I’m a happy customer.

Good plugin
and support
Magento 2 SSO | Magento 2 Single Sign On

Extremely simple setup process and great support from the miniOrange team. The plugin works exactly as described and the support I received (even pre-purchase) was knowledgeable and fast. The online documentation is current and complete.

Great plugin with
very quick response
support team
Magento 2 SSO | Magento 2 Single Sign On

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