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Guide to Setup Custom Notification On WordPress Login Page Add-On

Guide to Setup Custom Notification On WordPress Login Page Add-On

The Custom Notifications on WordPress Login Page Add-on allows to enhances the default login page of your WordPress website by adding the ability to display custom notifications. This add-on provides a user-friendly interface for administrators to create and manage custom messages, which can be displayed to users on the login page. Thus enabling WordPress administrators to inform and engage their users on the login page with custom messages as and when required.

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Download And Install

  • Log in to
  • Login into to download the plugin
  • On the Xecurify dashboard, you will see a navigation section on the left. Click on License >> Manage Licenses.
  • Xecurify dashboard to manage licenses
  • In the manage licenses tab click on the Releases and Downloads tab.
  • From the xecurify dashboard download the plugin / Add-On.
  • Download/Update plugin from
  • Go to the plugins section in the WordPress dashboard and click on the Add New button.
  • WordPress Add New Plugin
  • Click on the Upload Plugin button.
  • Upload WordPress plugin
  • Click on the choose file button to select the downloaded plugin / Add-On .zip file.
  • Once done, click on the Install Now button.
  • Choose the Custom Notification for WordPress Login Page add-on and install
  • Click on the Activate Plugin button to activate the add-On.
  • Activate the Custom Notification for WordPress Login Page add-on

Setup Custom Message

  • Once the add-on is activated, it will be displayed on the left-side panel of the WordPress dashboard.
  • To configure the add-on, click on Customize WP Login Screen in the left-side panel of the WordPress.
  • Customize WordPress Login Screen
  • Enter the Custom Message that you want to display on the login page.
  • Customize WordPress Login Screen Enter Custom Message
  • Select the border color for your custom message.
  • Customize WordPress Login Screen Select Message Border Color
  • Click on the [+] button to add more messages.
  • Customize WordPress Login Screen Add more custom Messages
  • Click on the Save Configuration button.
  • Customize WordPress Login Screen Save Configuration

Test Custom Message

  • Go to the WordPress login screen and you will find the custom message being displayed on the screen.
  • WordPress login page with the custom message

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