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Key Features

Shopify Discord SSO Integration

Enable Secure SSO login to your Shopify Store using Discord as Identity Provider. Shopify Discord Integration enables users with one-click easy login access to your Shopify Store using their Discord Credentials.

Customizable Interface

Our application is highly customizable including support for custom themes, icon shape, color and size of the icons, etc. Discord Shopify SSO application is also responsive and the login interfaces automatically adjust to the orientation and resolution of your website.

Complete Shopify Store Protection

With Shopify Discord Integration you can allow access to your store only for those users who are present on your Discord Server. All other users will be blocked or redirected to any other Shopify Store/Website made for them.

Assign role on product purchase

Shopify Discord Integration allows discord members to purchase any membership product from the Shopify store, and then a tag will be assigned to that member in Shopify and a membership role will be assigned to in discord.

Shopify to Discord Role Mapping

With Shopify Discord integration, you can assign specific roles to the users stored on your Discord Server based on the tags assigned to them in your Shopify Store.

Custom Redirect URL after login and logout

Configure the URL wherever you want to redirect your Discord users after Shopify SSO login or after they logout.

Discord to Shopify Role Mapping

Role Mapping assigns specific Shopify tags to users in your Store, based on their existing roles assigned to them in your Discord Server.

Order Status Notification

When a customer places an order or the order status changes using the Shopify Discord Integration app, staff members will receive a notification on the discord channel.

Email invite link

When customers register, you can send them an invite link to the Discord server, where they can get exciting vouchers, offers, and other benefits.

Pricing Plan


  •   Auto-Redirect to IdP
  •   50 Login & Registration Per Month
  •   Full Customise Option For Icon
  • Free



  •   All Free Features+
  •   Unlimited Login & Registration
  •   Integration To Create Member On Discord Server
  • $49/month *



  •   All Free and Standard Features+
  •   Restriction Login Based On User Presence On Discord
  •   Assign Subscription Role To Member On Discord Server
  • $89/month*


    Shopify Discord Integration

    Integrate your Discord with your Shopify store now in just few minutes.

    Use Cases For Which We Provide Solution

    Assign customer tags to users in Shopify based on their role on Discord

    I am a PC Gamer and I sell my merchandise on my Shopify Store. I have a discord server for my fans. I have specified a premium role for fans who have donated to me earlier and all others have a basic role in my discord server.
    I want to restrict users based on their roles, i.e. a premium role user can access the special merchandise section in my Shopify Store and the basic role users cannot access the premium merchandise section and should be redirected to the basic merchandise section of my Store. How can I assign tags in Shopify based on their member role in Discord? Can anyone guide me?

    Restrict login to users only present on the discord server

    I have a member-exclusive Shopify Store for the users stored in my Discord Server. I want to restrict my exclusive Shopify Store only to the users present in my Discord Server and all other users (not present in my Discord server) should not be able to access or create accounts on my Exclusive Store. Is there any way to block my store from all other users?

    Assign roles to Discord users based on their customer tag in Shopify

    Hello everyone,
    I am a content creator and I have a Shopify Store for selling my merchandise. I am planning to start my own discord channel only for those who have purchased above $1000 from my Shopify Store. I own a discord server where I would like to segregate users based on their status i.e. if a customer has purchased for more than $1000 then they will be tagged as “loyal fans” and others will be tagged as “fans”.
    I would like to know if it is possible to assign roles to users stored in discord based on their customer tag in Shopify?

    Here’s just some of what you get

    Secure One-Click Login

    Our application enables one-click login to Shopify Store using the Discord Login button. We also provide a shortcode to add the Discord Login widget anywhere in your Store.

    Easy Icon Design

    Design the Discord Login icon as per your theme. Our highly responsive application will take care of its icon size on different devices and screen sizes.

    Enable Secure Multipass Login

    Enable login via multipass, a passwordless authentication token and a more secure way of authenticating users in Shopify. Our application supports login via multipass token and allows your users to login securely to your Shopify Plus Store.

    24*7 Technical Support

    We provide 24*7 support via technical experts to resolve any technical issues you might face. Reachout to us at with any queries or any custom requirements you might have.

    Functionality you are looking for is missing out? Contact us at and we'll help you with the Shopify Store Solutions.
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