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Discord Role Mapping Add-on

Discord Role Mapping Add-on

Discord Role Mapping Add-on allows you to retrieve users' roles from your discord server to WordPress. Discord Role Mapping Add-On will assist in achieving this objective so that you can configure the Role Mapping in the WP OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin. Single Sign-On (SSO) with Discord as OAuth Server is an essential prerequisite for Discord Role Mapping. If you haven't done that already, find the link for Discord Single Sign-On SSO.

Steps to configure Discord Role Mapping Add On with WP OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin

1. Setup Discord Role Mapping Add-On

  • We need to get the Guild ID and Bot Token to configure the add-on.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Discord Server Configuration
  • Click on Settings icon as shown in the image below and navigate to the Advanced section in the discord settings to enable the Developer Mode.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Discord server settings

    Discord Role Mapping - Enable developer mode
  • Right click on your server to copy it’s ID and paste it under Guild ID in the add-on.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Copy ID from discord server
  • Go to the discord application. Select Bot and click on Add Bot.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Add bot
  • Once the Bot is created, copy the Token, paste it under Bot Token in the add-on and hit Save.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Copy Token
  • Click on URL Generator under the OAuth2 tab on the left panel. Select Bot under the Scopes section and copy the link mentioned below.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Select bot and copy link
  • Paste the link in a new tab, select the server where you want to add the bot and click Authorize.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Authorize Discord Server
  • You have successfully added bot to your server and can verify the same in the right section of your server.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Bot has been added to the server successfully
  • Now, go to the WP OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin and click on Test Configuration for your discord application.
  • You can see that the user roles have been fetched successfully.
  • Discord Role Mapping - Test Configuration

You have successfully configured Discord Role Mapping with WordPress for fetching discord user roles.

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