Configure Drupal Two-factor Authentication ( Push Notifications )

Configure Drupal Two-factor Authentication ( Push Notifications )

Setup Push Notifications with Drupal 2FA ( Two-Factor Authentication ) module. This guide will help you to configure Push Notifications as Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) method for your Drupal site. Drupal 2FA module will add a second layer of authentication to your Drupal account to increase the security of your site from unwanted hacks and unauthorized login attempts.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact us at We will help you to configure the module. If you want, we can also schedule an online meeting to help you configure the Drupal 2FA ( Two-Factor Authentication ) module.

Features and Pricing

Know more about Drupal 2FA module from here.

Pre-requisites: Download

You can download the Drupal Two-Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) module from here.

Steps to configure Push Notifications method with Drupal Two-Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) module:

1. Install miniOrange 2FA module

  • Download miniOrange Drupal 2FA Module.
  • On your Drupal admin console go to Extend/Modules Install new module.
  • Drupal 2FA install new module
  • Browse and choose the downloaded zip then click on Install button.
  • Drupal 2FA upload module file
  • Click on Enable newly added modules link.
  • Drupal 2FA enable new module
  • Scroll down till you find miniOrange Two-Factor Authentication. Click on the checkbox next to it and click on the Install button to enable the module.
  • Drupal 2FA install
  • Now click on Configuration option from the top nevigation bar and select miniOrange Second Factor Authentication.
  • Drupal 2FA configure module

2. Configure Push Notifications 2FA method

  • Register/Login with miniOrange.
  • Drupal 2FA registration
  • Navigate to Setup Two-Factor tab. Select Push Notifications and click on the Configure link.
  • Drupal 2FA select push Notification method
  • Download miniOrange Authenticator app [ Android] [IOS] and Scan the QR code in miniOrange Authenticator app.
  • Drupal 2FA Scan the QR code
  • You have successfully configured Push Notifications 2FA method.
  • Drupal 2FA Successfully Configured Push Notifications method

3. Try login using miniOrange 2-Factor module ( Push Notifications )

  • Once you complete the Push Notifications setup, open a new browser/private window, and login into your Drupal site. You will be asked to authenticate your identity using the Push Notifications (2FA) method.

Play-Store  miniOrange Authenticator app is available for free from Google Play
  miniOrange Authenticator app is available for free from the Apple App Store

Other Two Factor methods

miniOrange 2FA module is extendable to use any of the following 2FA methods. If you want to have any other 2FA for your Drupal site, Contact Us.

24*7 Active Support

If you face any issues or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at In case you want some additional features to be included in the module, please get in touch with us, and we can get that custom-made for you. Also, If you want, we can also schedule an online meeting to help you configure the Drupal Google 2FA ( Two-Factor Authentication ) module.

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If you would like to test out the module to ensure your business use case is fulfilled, we do provide a 7-day trial. Please drop us an email at requesting a trial. You can create an account with us using this link.

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