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Firebase OTP Verification for Joomla

When a user registers, the miniOrange Firebase OTP plugin uses the Firebase gateway to deliver a verification code (OTP) to confirm their email address or mobile number. It eliminates the chance that a person will register using a fictitious email address or mobile number.

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Firebase OTP Joomla


Email Verification

Email Verification protects your website from phoney emails and fake registrations. So that your website will only accept users whose emails have been confirmed. You may use it to safeguard and secure your website and also it eliminates the possibility of mass registration on your website and allows you to collect accurate information about your users.

Email Verification
Firebase Gateway

SMS Verification

SMS Verification protects your website from fake cellphone numbers and registrations. So that only visitors who have verified their cellphone number may access your website. You may use it to protect and secure your website, as well as to remove the potential of bulk registration on your website and enable you to get precise user data.

Custom OTP Validity Time

OTPs were delivered for a set amount of time to be valid when users were verified by email or SMS. You may utilize this feature to choose the validity duration of your choice, making the sent passcode valid for that period of time.

Custom OTP Validity Time
Custom OTP Length

Custom OTP Length

A six digit passcode is typically included in the OTP sent to email addresses and mobile phones. However, you may select a custom length for the passcode that your website provides using the custom OTP length option.


Highly Compatible

This plugin is compatible with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. We always keep our plugin updated with the latest Joomla releases.

Deploy Quickly

Easy to setup and deploy in your joomla environment. It can be deployed for your entire userbase in minutes.

24 & 7 Support

We provide world class continuous support and answer to all your queries and questions if you have any.

Highly Secure

If your phone is lost or stolen, we offer alternate login methods like OTP Over Email and Security Questions.

Joomla Customization

Customization Services

We also provide efficient Joomla customization services, where we develop state of the art plugins and extensions for Joomla with custom modifications to cater to all your needs. miniOrange is extremely experienced and efficient in Joomla development and can develop and customize multiple Joomla features to secure Joomla sites and applications.

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