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WooCommerce web app and mobile app with Firebase user store

WooCommerce web app and mobile app with Firebase user store

If you are one of those people who have their ecommerce store developed on WordPress using WooCommerce and you want your business to touch new heights, then one important thing in this growing process is to have a mobile application for your store. What? You already have the application hosted on firebase. That's great! We will talk about Firebase WordPress Integration via REST APIs in this article.
What? Is there bad news? You cannot figure out how to connect the two things? DON’T WORRY, we have got you covered. This article will explain exactly what you need for firebase WordPress integration. So keep patience and let's dig in.

Firebase issued token user-flow
WordPress Rest API Authentication
By miniOrange

WordPress REST API Authentication plugin provides the security from unauthorized access to your WordPress REST APIs.

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What is Firebase SDK and WordPress?

As you may already know, firebase is a platform by Google which allows you to develop and enhance mobile (Android/ iOS) and web applications. Firebase provides many functionalities for developers to use tools without needing to code for them. There are options like Authentication, Analytics, Data Storage, Push Notifications, etc. WordPress on the other hand is an open CMS for people with minimal or no coding experience to create e-stores, websites, etc with ease. WordPress is believed to power 35% of internet websites which consist of blog-sites, WooCommerce , etc. With the introduction of WordPress REST APIs, the opportunities have grown and can be used to achieve a lot of functionalities. Firebase WordPress integration will let you easily move data between your firebase store and WordPress WooCommerce site.

Let's say you have established a store on WooCommerce and also have an application hosted on firebase so now what’s remaining is their integration. Let’s say that you have all of your users stored in Firebase and you're wishing that the eCommerce store built with WooCommerce on WordPress is accessible by them, then we can take advantage of the WooCommerce REST APIs by synchronizing the firebase user-list with WooCommerce database. By achieving this your firebase WordPress integration will work smoothly and your customers will be able to take advantage of this integration. Firebase login will be an easy and beautiful experience for your customers in your application.

Firebase WordPress WooCommerce integration gives the ability to enable users to login to the WooCommerce site using Firebase login credentials.You will require the WordPress REST API Authentication plugin to authenticate WooCommerce APIs using the user's Firebase login JWT token and respond accordingly. To use WooCommerce API for mobile apps, you'll need to enable a third party authentication method in the WP REST API, then pick OpenID connect and enter the JWKs endpoint listed below:
WordPress REST API Plugin demo screen of authentication with third party
For Mobile application (IOS or Android) :

        Android - s
        IOS -


    Authenticate WooCommerce APIs with Firebase login token:

    If your users are logged into your mobile application based on Firebase SDK using their credentials, then they will have a Firebase’s JWT token provided to them. You can use that token to authenticate the WooCommerce REST API for mobile apps and gain access to details such as orders and goods, as well as extend the functionality for the mobile application. So you will be able to authenticate users through the JWT provided by Firebase rather than JWT by any other party to fetch the user details. WordPress REST API authentication will help you to pass that JWT token by firebase in the authorization header to call the WooCommerce Rest API to integrate Firebase WordPress.

    You may also have new users who will log in to your WordPress site using Firebase login credentials and on the site, they can click on the link to visit your mobile application and the user will be auto-logged in into that application as our plugin will provide you with a shortcode to pass the Firebase JWT token in the URL of the mobile application. Your WooCommerce will need to capture that JWT token and allow logging in the user into that application using Firebase WordPress integration.

    WordPress Firebase integration will open a lot of functionalities that can be achieved using the WordPress REST API Authentication plugin.

    Access WordPress WooCommerce /cocart rest api using firebase tokens:

    If your WooCommerce site is using cocart to manage the user’s cart details, coupon, available shipping methods etc. and you have to show the same details in your firebase application then WordPress REST API Authentication will allow you to utilize WooCommerce mobile api to sync data between WooCommerce firebase. You will need to send a token / JWT issued by firebase to validate the api call to WooCommerce APIs so that data can be shown on the app. For further information, please reach out at

    Use tokens from firebase after social login:

    If you are interested in WooCommerce firebase integration by providing seamless user experience to your customers you might want a feature of social login into your application where users can login into your WooCommerce application via gmail, facebook, twitter, etc while staying on the current page. After logging in with facebook, twitter or instagram, etc, you will receive a JWT token from firebase which can be used to call the WordPress REST APIs securely and the resources remain protected. So here in this case, our WordPress REST API Authentication plugin will help you to authenticate the REST API request by validating the firebase JWT token passed in REST API request to access into WordPress database after SSO is done with some social media into your mobile application. For further information, please reach out at

    Access firebase apis using firebase tokens to process data:

    Suppose you have data stored on firebase and you want to further process the data to analyze it for the growth of your WooCommerce sales. But the access to firebase APIs should be authenticated by the tokens issued by firebase, can be JWT token, so WordPress REST API Authentication will allow you to access the firebase APIs using the Firebase tokens to authenticate the API call and to give you freedom of analyzing and processing the data. This way your data will be secure and there will be no threat of data leakage as the REST API call is authenticated using Firebase tokens.

    Auto Login into WordPress using Firebase:

    If you have a mobile application (Firebase Users) and you want these users to login into your WordPress site without needing them to register again. With WordPress REST API Authentication you will be able to achieve this use-case with WordPress Firebase integration. When you log in through Firebase a user will be created in WordPress and will be logged into the WordPress dashboard.

    Single Sign On (SSO) into WordPress using Firebase:

    Firebase gives you the opportunity to enable user login to the WooCommerce site using Firebase login credentials. Users can log-in into your WooCommerce site using their Firebase login credentials with our Firebase Authentication plugin. Once the Firebase WooCommerce integration is set-up with Firebase Authentication plugin, you can enable an option to ‘Auto Create Users into Firebase’ when registered on WooCommerce . For more information, please Click Here.

Recommended Plugins

WordPress REST API Authentication plugin provides the security for unauthorized access to your WordPress REST APIs. It provides you with a variety of authentication methods like Basic Authentication, API Key Authentication, OAuth 2.0 Authentication, JWT Authentication.

 Tested with 5.9.2

This plugin allows you to create custom endpoints/REST routes to fetch/modify/create/delete data with an easy-to-use graphical interface and with the custom SQL queries as well. Also, the plugin provides the feature to integrate external API into your WordPress site with third-party platforms.

 Tested with 5.9.2

Custom Requirements

We at miniOrange have tried to cover all the scenarios in this use-case of firebase WordPress integration through REST APIs but if you feel that you require some additional functionalities in WordPress Firebase integration or some extra feature, then reach out to us and we will revert back to you in under 24 hours to understand your detailed use-case and make the customizations according to your requirement.
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