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G suite OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) | Prestashop Google OAuth Login

G suite OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) | Prestashop Google OAuth Login

Prestashop OAuth Client module allows you to perform secure Single Sign-On (SSO) login into your Prestashop store using Google as OAuth provider. Configure Prestashop OAuth Client for user authentication which verifies the identity of a user attempting to gain access to Prestashop with Google Login. Prestashop OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) module also configures custom providers and standard IDPs. It supports advanced Single Sign-On (SSO) login features such as user profile Attribute mapping, Role mapping, etc. Here we will go through a guide to set up Prestashop OAuth Client with Google login credentials. Adding Google OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) login to Prestashop lets your users quickly and securely log in to your Prestashop store with Google Workspace login without having to remember a username and password.

Pre-requisites: Download And Installation

You need to download and install the miniOrange OAuth Client plugin to set up Single Sign-On with your Prestashop Store.

Steps to configure Google OAuth Login with Prestashop

1. Setup Google as OAuth Provider

  • Go to and sign up/login.
  • Click on Select Project to create a new Google Apps Project, you will see a popup with the list of all your projects.
  • Click on the New Project button to create a new project.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Create Project
  • Enter your Project name under the Project Name field and click on Create.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | New Project
  • Go to Navigation Menu> APIs & Services> Credentials.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Create Client Credentials
  • Click on Create Credentials button and then select OAuth Client ID from the options provided.

  • Oauth Client ID
  • In case you are facing some warning saying that in order to create an OAuth Client ID, you must set a product name on the consent screen (as shown in the below image). Click on the Configure consent screen button.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Configure Consent Screen
  • Choose how you want to configure and register your app and click on Create button.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | External Application
  • Enter the required details such as App Name, and User Support Email and click on Save and Continue button.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Application Information
  • Now for configuring scopes, click onAdd or Remove the Scopes button.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Add or Remove Scopes
  • Now, Select the Scopes to allow your project to access specific types of private user data from their Google Account and click on the Update button.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Scopes Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Update Scopes
  • Go to the Credentials tab and click on Create Credentials button. Select Web Application from the dropdown list to create a new application.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Web Application
  • Enter the name you want for your Client ID under the name field and enter the Redirect/Callback URI from the miniOrange OAuth Client plugin/module under the Authorized redirect URIs field and click on Create button.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | App Details Prestashop Google OAuth Login | App Details
  • You will see a popup with the Client ID and Client Secret. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and save it on your miniOrange OAuth Client plugin Configuration.

  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Client ID and Client Secret
  • You have successfully completed your Google OAuth Server side configurations.

2. Setup Prestashop as OAuth Client

  • Go to the OAuth Client section in the module and enter the following details:
  • Google OAuth Endpoints and Scope:

    OAuth Client ID Enter the value copied from Google Application in the previous steps
    OAuth Client Secret Enter the value copied from Google Application in the previous steps
    OAuth Scope openid+email+profile
    OAuth Redirect callback
    OAuth Token endpoint
    OAuth user info endpoint

  • Click on Save to save the configuration.

3. Testing SSO

  • Once you Save the configuration, click on Test Configuration to test the SSO. You will see the following attributes sent from your Google Application:
  • Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Testing SSO

    4. Attribute Mapping

    • User Attribute Mapping is mandatory for enabling users to successfully login into Prestashop.
    • Once you receive the User attributes from the Test Configuration window, enter the following fields in the Attribute Mapping section of the module:
    • First Name given_name
      Last Name family_name
      Username email
      Email email
      Prestashop Google OAuth Login | Attibute Mapping
    • Click on Save.

    You've successfully configured Prestashop as OAuth & OpenID Connect Client to securely gain access to the Prestashop store with Google Apps OAuth sign-in. Prestashop OAuth Client module improves the Prestashop login process for user authentication.

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