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Integrate Google Sheet with WooCommerce | Connect WooCommerce to Google Sheet

Integrate Google Sheet with WooCommerce | Connect WooCommerce to Google Sheet

Google Sheets is one of the most sought after tool to manage products and order details when it comes to online commerce industry. Our Google Sheet Connector is a simple flexible, and powerful tool to bridge the gap between Google Sheets and your WooCommerce store. Our Google Sheet Connector solution will allow you to connect WooCommerce to Google Sheets. You will not need to manually copy-paste details from WooCommerce to Google Sheets as our WooCommerce Google Sheets integration will do the data import-export automatically.

Integrate Google Sheet with WooCommerce | User flow diagram
Custom API for WordPress
By miniOrange

Custom API for WordPress plugin allows you to create WordPress APIs / custom endpoints / REST APIs. You can Fetch / Modify / Create / Delete data with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

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miniorange img Below are some use cases which can be achieved with our plugins

    1. WooCommerce orders to Google Sheets

      Integrate Google Sheet with WooCommerce customer purches

      Suppose a customer purchases a product from your WooCommerce store and you want the details to be populated in a Google Sheet from where you can analyze and keep track of your store insights. Whenever an order is placed/created in WooCommerce, our solution will automatically use APIs to send data to your Google Sheet and create a row there. The sheet will be able to fetch order details like First Name, Last Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Phone Number, Email, Price, Payment Method, Items, Quantity, OrderId, Notes, Date of Order, Refunds, Order key, etc.

    2. WooCommerce products from Google Sheets

      Suppose you have stored your WooCommerce products in a Google Sheet. If you want changes to reflect in your WooCommerce store when you update the product details in Google Sheets then our solution will help you by utilising the webhooks provided by WooCommerce to update the WooCommerce products. It will help you to import/ export product details between WooCommerce and Google Sheets. Sync WooCommerce products data and automate the entire product detail processing from Google Sheets. You will be able to create new rows of product data, search and update these details in Google Sheets. Increase the efficiency of etore handling by connecting Google Sheets and WooCommerce.

miniorange img Working of Product Sync

    Integrate Google Sheet with WooCommerce added new product

    Here, you can see that we have added a new product with ID 91 on the Google Sheet.

    In WooCommerce we can see the change has been reflected automatically by adding a new product with ID:91 and the name of the product is Test Item.

    Integrate Google Sheet with WooCommerce integration with woocommerce

    This way with our Google Sheet Integration with WooCommerce solution will automatically sync changes made in the Google Sheet to your WooCommerce.

Export WooCommerce Orders to Google Sheets

    If you want to get better insights from the orders made on your WooCommerce then exporting the WooCommerce orders to Google Sheets is the way to go. You get a lot of functionalities of Google Sheet like filtering, sorting, analyzing the data, and creating reports for the same. You can also provide access to the order data to your partners or suppliers by just sharing the Google Sheet link. Once the order is placed in WooCommerce, the Google Sheet will start filling automatically with the desired fields with woocommerce google sheets integration.

    We can fetch these details and more from WooCommerce when an order is placed successfully and later this data can be analyzed and can be used to grab insights. This is the easiest way to get your store order details from WooCommerce and use it for data analysis without needing any effort from you. Just set up our solution once and forget about it.

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Integrate Google Sheet with WooCommerce

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