Guide to Configure Drupal OAuth Server

 drupal_sso_images  Install miniOrange OAuth Server:

  • After downloading the miniOrange OAuth server module.
  • On your drupal console go to Extend Install new module.

    Drupal OAuth Server module-Install
  • Browse and choose the downloaded zip.

    Drupal OAuth Server module-Upload
  • Click on Enable newly added modules.

    Drupal OAuth Server module-Update manager
  • Enable this module by checking the checkbox and click on Install.

    Drupal OAuth Server-Enable module
 drupal_sso_images  Configure miniOrange OAuth Server

  • Click on Configuration from the top navigation bar and Select Drupal OAuth Server Configuration.
  • In OAuth Client tab, add Client Name and Authorized Redirect URL which you will get from the OAuth Client.

    Drupal OAuth Server - Configure module
  • Use the Client ID, Client Secret , Endpoint Urls and the Scope to configure your OAuth client.

    Drupal OAuth Server - Endpoints
  • If you want to purchase any of the paid version of the module, you have to register/login with us in Register/Login tab.

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