miniOrange LDAP Buddypress Integration Add-On

miniOrange BuddyPress Profile Integration with LDAP add-on provides the features to map the LDAP users profile attributes with BuddyPress user profile attributes.


  • LDAP/AD Login for Intranet Sites premium plugin.
  • BuddyPress plugin.

Step 1: Download & Installation

  • To download the LDAP Premium Plugin and BuddyPress Profile Integration with LDAP add-on. Login to your miniOrange Admin Console.

  • Navigate to License >> Manage License >> Plugin Releases and Downloads. Download the add-on zip files and paste it in the Plugins Directory of your WordPress site.

  • From your WordPress dashboard. Go to PluginsAdd New.
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  • Click on Upload Plugin and choose the downloaded plugins zip.
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  • After installing the plugin and add-on, activate them from your Plugins page.
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Step 2: Setup miniOrange BuddyPress Profile Integration with LDAP Add-on

    Add BuddyPress Profile Fields

  • Go to Users and select Profile Fields.
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  • Click on Add New Field.
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  • Enter the name, description and select the profile field type for new buddypress profile field.
  • Click on Save.
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    Map BuddyPress Profile Fields with LDAP Attributes

  • Click on LDAP/AD Login for Intranet plugin from the left panel of WordPress admin dashboard.
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  • Go to Attribute Mapping tab and click on Enable Attribute Mapping checkbox.
  • Enter the LDAP attributes value for given WordPress profile attributes. You can also add custom LDAP attributes in Add Custom Attributes section.
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  • Scroll down to BuddyPress Custom Attributes and map the BuddyPress profile attributes with LDAP attributes.
  • Click on Save Configuration button.
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Step 3: Test miniOrange BuddyPress Profile Integration with LDAP Add-on

  • Login into your WordPress site with LDAP credentials.
  • Go to the BuddyPress extended profile. The profile values will be updated with LDAP attributes.
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