Guide To Setup miniOrange LDAP Search Widget Add-on

miniOrange Search Staff LDAP Directory Add-on helps you to search/display your directory users on your website using search widget and shortcode..


To configure miniOrange Search Staff LDAP Directory add-on, you need the following items:

  • LDAP/AD Login for Intranet Sites premium plugin needs to be installed and configured.

Step 1: Install miniOrange LDAP Search Widgets Add-on

From your WordPress dashboard

  • Click on PluginsAdd New tab.
  • LDAP search widget add-on
  • Click on Upload Plugin and select Add-on zip file.
  • LDAP search widhet install
  • Click on install now and activate the Add-on from your plugins page.
  • LDAP search widget activation

Step 2: Setup miniOrange LDAP search widget Add-on

  • Once the add-on is activated, follow the steps mentioned below to configure LDAP search widget


Go to AppearanceWidgets.

  • In available widgets find miniOrange LDAP Searchselect footer and click Add Widget to

  • LDAP search widget add widget
  • Now click on the miniOrange LDAP Search in the footer section to configure

TITLE: Provide a title for your LDAP Search.

    NOTE: Enter LDAP Attributes. Make sure these are also configured in LDAP Attribute Mapping.

  • Name Attribute: While searching for users, this is the attribute that is going to be matched to see
    if the user exists. You can add multiple Name Attributes separated with ' ; ' .
    eg: samaccountname;mail

  • Department Attribute: Mention department attribute name as department.

  • Title Attribute: Mention title attribute name as title.

  • Profile Picture Attribute: Mention profile picture attribute as thumbnailphoto.

  • LDAP search widget configuration
  • Enter list of departments: This attributes fetch the users according to the selected department.
    You can mention multiple department name seperated with ' ; '.

  • Enter list of attributes to fetch:This attribute fetch users according to order mentioned for the
    attributes(attributes should be separated by ' ; ').

  • Email Attribute: Enter Email Attribute which is configured for LDAP.

  • LDAP search widget save
  • Click on save.

Now go to WordPress site you can see miniOrange LDAP search widget.

  • Select department from the dropdown and click on search.
  • LDAP search widget search
  • Users will be fetched from LDAP to wordpress according to the selected department.

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