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Headless WordPress

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What is Headless WordPress?

Headless Wordpress is a term which is used to describe decoupled Wordpress. This means that the Backend part of the site is separated from the Frontend part of the Wordpress CMS which enables you to manage and develop with different frontend frameworks of your choice.

You can integrate WordPress backend with following frontend frameworks






How does our Headless WordPress Solution work?

  • Our Headless WordPress Plugin allows you to disable Frontend from your Wordpress Website in just one click from the dashboard.
  • The Headless WordPress Plugin will connect the backend of the website with the frontend of your choice with API. You can retrieve and display content on the frontend by calling WordPress APIs.
  • The outcome will be WordPress Headless CMS with much smoother and more intuitive client experience for the site and opens up the entryway for versatile applications too.
  • The plugins also enables you to create unlimited custom API endpoints from the plugin UI. So you can fetch custom data on the frontend using custom API endpoints.

Why to use Headless WordPress?

Front-End Flexibility

The Headless WordPress plugin can be integrated with any frontend framework like React JS, Angular JS, Flutter, Vue and Gatsby which makes WordPress Headless

Multichannel Publishing

Headless Wordpress can act as a centralized publishing source for multiple publishing channels like mobile phones, Laptop, etc.

Improved Performance

Headless Wordpress can render the page much faster than a normal PHP page which will increase the performance of the webpage.

Improved Security

Since WP headless CMS has the front end separated from the backend of the website, it becomes difficult to access the resources.

Key Features

Headless CMS

With headless WordPress, your website's backend (database) is decoupled from your website's frontend, providing more flexibility, security and faster performance.

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Custom APIs

Allows creating custom endpoints/REST routes to fetch/modify/create/delete data with an easy-to-use graphical interface as well as custom SQL queries

Fetch customized data

WP Users and User Meta, WP Roles and Capabilities, WP Posts, Pages and custom post types Custom data , Custom posts, Custom parameters, Custom fields and many more

Microservices architecture

Allow your application to be separated into loosely coupled smaller independent parts, with each part having its own realm of responsibility.

Access Control

Based on the user's WordPress roles/capabilities users can get access to his WordPress Dashboard and other REST APIs for that site.

Multi-channel publishing

Multi-Channel Publishing allows you to deliver content to your audience in many ways (web, mobile apps) at the same time.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication

The most secure OAuth 2.0 Authentication protocol provides a Bearer token on successful authentication and an API Authenticator for allowing API access.

Supports every HTTP Methods

All HTTP methods are available like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

Third Party JWT Token support

Use JWT token received from the external Providers like AWS Cognito, Firebase, etc from Single Sign-on (SSO)


Easy to Configure

Configure your Headless WP Site with Front end frameworks using minimal settings. End to end configuration, videos & setup guides available.

Active Support

Just drop an email and the support person will reach out to you. Support available via Emails, calls, screen share sessions.

Support for Customization

Headless WP supports customized API endpoints to fetch custom data in the mobile application or web clients via custom Endpoints according to requirements.

Code for Signature Verification

Headless WP has Code templates for JWT signature verification in all frontend technologies (React JS, Angular JS, Flutter, Gatsby, Vue, etc.)

Stateful and Stateless session Support

WP Headless CMS allows maintaining sessions on only frontend, only WordPress or both.

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