I want to add a privacy policy option to my site, how I do that?

I want to add a privacy policy option to my site, how I do that?

Follow these steps to Add privacy policy option to my site.

  • Click on miniOrange 2- Factor plugin on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Privacy Policy - Click miniOrange 2-Factor

  • Search Add Privacy Policy to your site feature in the Login Settings tab and enable the option to ask for permission from users.
  • Privacy Policy - Enable permission for users

  • Now, enter the Link to your Privacy Policy.
  • Privacy Policy - Enter link

  • Click on the Save settings button.
  • Privacy Policy - Click save settings

  • Go to the login page and enter your login credentials.
  • click on the Login button.
  • Privacy Policy - Enter login credentials

  • Now when the user login for the first time during the Two Factor Authentication setup, they will ask for permission.
  • Privacy Policy - Ask for permission

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