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Firebase Gateway Configuration for OTP Verification

Firebase Gateway Configuration for OTP Verification

Firebase Gateway allows user to send SMS to the customers, users and admins. The user gets verified using a OTP contained in the SMS message.

Miniorange OTP Verification with Firebase

by miniorange

OTP Verification on SMS with Firebase gateway. PasswordLess OTP Login. OTP verification on login & registration form. Login with phone. 24/7 support

Tested with 6.0.2

Setup Login and Registration form

  • Copy this shortcode [mo_wp_loginreg_form]
  • Create a new page or go to existing page and paste shortcode you've copied

Enable OTP Verification

  • Click on Enable OTP Verification on Login Form Checkbox
  • Select Redirection Page
  • Click on Save Settings
  • Click on Enable OTP Verification on Registration Form Checkbox
  • Select Redirection Page
  • Select User Role for Registration
  • Click on Save Settings
  • Now follow below steps to Configure Firebase Gateway in plugin

Configure Firebase Gateway

  • Go to your firebase console
  • Create a new project or Select existing project
  • Go to project settings
  • You need to register your website to get configuration details
  • Scroll down on Project Settings page and click on icon shown in following image
  • Name your website and click on Register app
  • Copy the configuration object to setup gateway in following steps
  • If you already registered your website on firebase, Find the firebaseConfig object and copy the following
  • API Key, Auth Domain, Database URL, Project ID, Storage Bucket, Messaging Sender ID. App ID
  • Go back to plugin and then go to Gateway Configurations tab
  • Paste the config values you've noted earlier and Save Settings

Enable Phone Sign-in Method

  • Go to Build -> Authentication tab
  • Then go to Sign-in method
  • Click on Add New Provider or select Phone from native providers list
  • Click on toggle button to enable & then click on save

Whitelist Your Website Domain to use Firebase Authentication

  • Go to your firebase console
  • Click on Build section in sidebar and go to Authentication
  • Go to Settings tab
  • Then go to Authorized Domains
  • Click on Add Domain
  • Type your website's domain name and click on Add

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