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How to Customize UI of login pop up for 2FA Enterprise plugin | WordPress

Follow these steps given below to customize UI of login pop ups for 2FA Enterprise plugin.

  • Click on the miniOrange 2 Factor plugin on the left side menu.
  • Personalisation - click miniOrange 2-Factor

  • Go to the Advanced settings option.
  • Personalisation - Click Advanced settings

  • Scroll down to the Customize UI of Login Pop up’s feature in the Advanced Settings option.
  • Personalisation - Customize UI of login Pop up feature

  • Now, click on Select Color, choose a color for your UI of Login Pop up.
  • Personalisation - Select color

  • After selecting the UI color, click on the Save Settings button below.
  • miniorange img Note - For different type of attributes, selectors would be written as shown in the table below.

    Personalisation - Click save settings

  • If you want to reset the settings, click on the Reset Settings button.
  • Click Reset settings

  • We have successfully customized the UI of login pop-up.
  • Now during login, you can see your customized login pop up.
  • Customized login pop-up

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