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Setup guide to configure ProctoPress: Online Proctoring Solutions for WordPress

ProctoPress is a customizable WordPress Proctoring plugin that can be used by educational institutions as well as corporations for monitoring candidates during online examinations. The plugin provides various features including, but not limited to browsing limitation, real-time candidate monitoring, candidate verification, and integration with various popular LMS plugins such as MasterStudy, LearnPress, LearnDash, and Tutor LMS.

Once you log into your WordPress site, install and activate the Learning Management System(LMS) suitable for your requirements. LMS plugins allow you to create and run various online courses, run and grade quizzes, accept payments, etc. Various top-notch LMS plugins for WordPress are LearnDash, Tutor LMS, MasterStudy LMS, LearnPress, etc. In this guide, we will install and activate the MasterStudy LMS Plugin, run a quiz and then we are going to configure the ProctoPress plugin to proctor the quizzes.

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ProctoPress: Online Proctoring Solutions for WordPress

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Download and Install

  • From your WordPress dashboard click on Plugins >> Add New. And search for ProctoPress
  • add ProctoPress online exam/quiz Proctoring plugin to the WordPress
  • Click on Install and then Activate ProctoPress: Quiz/Exam Proctoring for Learning Management System (LMS) plugin.
  • Install and Activate ProctroPress onlile exam/quiz proctoring plugin
  • Now, the ProctoPress: Quiz/Exam Proctoring for Learning Management System (LMS) plugin is installed and activated. Follow the following steps for plugin configuration.
  • ProctoPress Online Exam proctoring plugin for LMS

Plugin Configuration

  • As, the plugin is activated. It is shown in the WordPress dashboard. Click on the ProctoPress plugin.
  • Now in the Configuration tab we can configure the proctoring settings.
  • Select your Learning Management System (LMS).

Limit Simultaneous Session:

  • In this tab, click on the switch to enable the session restriction. this option restricts candidates to log in into different devices or browsers simultaneously.
  • In the Set Maximum Simultaneous Session Limit enter the number of maximum sessions allowed for candidates.
  • Choose an option upon reaching the limit:
  • Allow Access permits the candidate to log in to the current session while terminating all other sessions.
  • Disable Access option prevents the candidate from logging in until they log out from other devices.
  • ProctoPress online exam/quiz proctoring settings to limit candidate simultaneous sessions

Restrict Tab Switching:

  • Now, click on the Restrict Tab Switching. Here, we can configure displaying custom messages on tab switching and auto logout candidates on reaching a certain number of tab switches.
  • Enable the tab switch warnings option to display the warning on tab switch.
  • Automatic logout on exceeding maximum tab switches: Enter the number of maximum tab switches. on reaching this limit candidate will be automatically logout.
  • Set custom warning message: In this field enter the warning message to display on the tab switching event.
  • Set custom title: In this field enter the title for the warning message.
  • Warning message for disabled camera or microphone: In this field enter the warning message for disabled camera or microphone.
  • ProctoPress online exam/quiz proctoring settings to restrict candidates from tab switching

Browser Limitations:

  • In this tab, you can configure the settings for browser limitations.
  • Restrict browser inspection / developer tools: Enabling this option restricts access to the browser console.
  • Restrict right click functionality: Enabling this option restricts the right click functionality on the exam window.
  • Full-Screen Exam Mode: Enable this option to start the exam in full screen mode.
  • ProctoPress online exam/quiz configuring browser limitations

Candidate Monitoring:

  • In the Candidate Monitoring tab you can configure the settings for candidate monitoring such as candidate video recording, candidate verification and candidate face recognition.
  • Candidate Video Recording: Enabling this option allows you to record candidate video.
  • Candidate Verification: Enabling this option allows candidates to capture their face and student ID for verification before starting the exam.
  • Candidate Face Detection and Recognization: Enabling this option detects and recognizes candidates face in real-time, detects multiple faces. It identifies the candidate using pre-captured images during live monitoring.
  • Once done with all the above steps click on the Save Changes button.
  • ProctoPress online exam/quiz proctoring candidate monitoring settings


  • In the Reports tab, select the quiz/exam.
  • On the quiz/exam selection, you will see the list of candidates who have attended the exam and you can see the exam reports for each candidates as well.
  • ProctoPress proctoring online exam/quiz detailed reports

Live Monitoring

  • In the Live Monitoring tab, select the exam for monitoring.
  • On the exam/quiz selection, you will be able to see the live video tiles of candidates attending the exam.
  • you click on the video sizes, to change the video tile size to small, medium or large.
  • ProctoPress exam/quiz proctoring, Live Candidate monitoring

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