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How to configure WordPress online exam proctoring plugin using LMS

WordPress Online Exam Proctoring is a completely customizable WordPress plugin that can be used by educational institutions as well as corporations for monitoring candidates during online examinations. The plugin provides various features such as browsing limitation, real-time candidate monitoring, candidate verification, integration with various popular LMS plugins such MasterStudy, LearnPress, LearnDash, Tutor LMS.

You can download Online Exam Proctoring For Learning Management System(LMS) plugin using the following link:

Online Exam Proctoring For Learning Management System(LMS)

By miniOrange

Online Exam Proctoring helps to monitor the candidates as well as restrict them from performing any unwanted activities such as cheating during the online examination.

  Tested with 6.1.1

Steps to configure the plugin

  • Once you login into your WordPress site, you need to install and activate the required LMS. LMS plugins allow you to create and run various online courses, run and grade quizzes, accept payments and many more. Various top-notch LMS plugins for WordPress are LearnDash, Tutor LMS, MasterStudy LMS, LearnPress etc. As an example, we will install and activate the MasterStudy LMS Plugin.
  • Steps to setup the MasterStudy LMS Plugin.

  • Go to the plugins section, and click on add new.
  • online-exam-proctoring
  • Search for MasterStudy in the search bar. Install and activate the MasterStudy LMS plugin.
  • online-exam-proctoring

    Steps to setup your quiz in masterstudy

  • Click on the quizzes option, to create quiz
  • online-exam-proctoring
  • Now install and activate the online proctoring plugin.
  • online-exam-proctoring
  • Once the plugin is activated, you can set the proctoring settings as per your requirements to monitor the students during the exams. The plugin provides various features such as real-time candidate monitoring, browser limitation, candidate verification, integration with other popular LMS plugins etc.
  • online-exam-proctoring

    Functionality of the plugin

    A. Session restriction:
    Online Exam Proctoring provides the admin with the option to limit the number of simultaneous logins for all candidates. Suppose the admin sets 2 as the maximum number of simultaneous sessions allowed, the users can login from a maximum of 2 devices or browsers. After crossing the limit there are two options available:
      A. Allow access - The user will be logged in to the current device / browser but will be logged out from all other sessions.
      B. Disable access - The user will get a warning that the maximum session limit has been reached.
    B. Restrict Tab Switching:
    During the exam if any candidate switches tabs, a warning message is displayed and after a pre-defined number of warnings the candidate will be logged out. If the admin has set the limit for tab switching to 0 and any student tries to switch the tabs he/she gets the following warning and is logged out from the test.
    C. Disable Right Click/Inspect the browser:
    During the examination, online exam proctoring restricts the candidates from performing right click and inspect functionality, where the candidates cannot view the questions in the inspect section so as to prevent the candidates from cheating.

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