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Why Choose Our Hubspot-Power BI Connector?

Using our plugin you can experience Streamlined work and real-time insights.

HubSpot - Power BI Connector | Why choose our HubSpot-Power BI Connector
  • User-Friendly Setup: Experience a user-friendly setup process, allowing you to connect and sync your HubSpot data with Power BI effortlessly.

  • Enhanced Analytics: Utilize the full capabilities of Power BI for in-depth analytics, visualizations, and reporting, driven by the latest data from your HubSpot account.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Enhance your workflow by eliminating manual data transfers, automating the process through a robust and reliable connection between HubSpot and Power BI.

  • Dynamic Insights: Leverage the power of live data to gain dynamic insights and make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information from HubSpot.

How to setup Hubspot-Power BI Connector?

Data analytics shouldn’t be complicated, so we’ve made our plugin easier than ever to use.
Leverage the power of our Power BI - HubSpot Connector, and spend less time

Plugin Installation

Easily Install the miniOrange HubSpot Power BI Connector from the HubSpot Marketplace.

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HubSpot Power BI Connector | plugin installation

Grant Permission

After the installation process is complete, you will be able to access the url and the credentials over your email.

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HubSpot Power BI Connector | Grant Permission

Connect To Power BI

Just configure the OData feed in the Power BI with the details and credentials as sent over email. Make creative reports and dashboards using the data fetched.

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HubSpot Power BI Connector | Connect to Power BI

Why You Should Purchase Our Plugin?

Get Our Plugin for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

HubSpot Power BI Connector | Effortless Data Export

Effortless Data Export

Seamlessly export your HubSpot data to Power BI with the simple installation of a plugin.

HubSpot Power BI Connector | OData URL Integration

OData URL Integration

Upon installation, easily fetch the OData URL to establish a direct and efficient connection between HubSpot and Power BI.

HubSpot Power BI Connector | Live Data Connection

Live Data Connection

Ensure real-time data updates by establishing a live data connection between your HubSpot account and Power BI.

HubSpot Power BI Connector | Tailor-Made Dashboards

Tailor-Made Dashboards

With automatic data rendering, you can dedicate more attention to customizing your Power BI dashboards. This provides flexibility in presenting and analyzing HubSpot data, ensuring a personalized and effective visualization experience.

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Explore the Benefits of Our HubSpot - Power BI Connector

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