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Login Form Addon WordPress

To use this add-on, Password Grant support should be essential for your OAuth/OpenID Connect provider. If your provider does not have support for this grant then you can contact us on

Key Features

Login form for SSO users

Login form for SSO users

SSO users can login without redirecting to IDP

Follow the step by step guide to configure Login Form Addon with OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO) Plugin

idp_sso_image1 Existing Functionality:

When you set up the Single Sign-on with any IDP, the user is redirected to the IDP login page and after logging in to the IDP he will be redirected back to the WordPress and logs into the WordPress site. Here, you can see the Login button for SSO on your WordPress site.

loginform addon sso-login button
idp_sso_image1 Advanced functionality provided by our Add-On:

If you don’t want to show the IDP login page to users and want them to log in from the login form on your WordPress page by entering their credentials stored in your identity provider, the login form add-on will help you to achieve this. Here, you can see the Login form for SSO instead of the Login Button on your WordPress site.

loginform addon sso-enter-credentials
idp_sso_image1 How can you use the login form add-on with the OAuth client plugin?

1. IDP supporting password grant

  • a. We can configure the SSO using password grant so that we can enable the option to login from the default wp-login form as well as the login form widget.

  • loginform addon sso-password grant

2. IDP does not support password grant

  • a. This can be achieved with miniOrange IDP. Your identity provider can be configured as a user store and miniOrange broker configured in password grant.
  • b. So that we can use both the wp-login form and login-form widget for user login.

idp_sso_image1 Follow the step by step guide for using the add-on

  • Go to WordPress Panel > Appearances > Widgets.
  • Select miniOrange OAuth Login Form. Drag and drop to the position you want and save.
  • loginform addon sso-oauth login form
  • Open your WordPress page and you can see the login form there. It will look like the image below. You can add your custom CSS to this form according to your need.
  • loginform addon sso-add custom css

miniorange img  Recommended plugin

Download the WP OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin using the following link.:

WordPress SSO Single Sign On with Azure, Azure B2C, Cognito, WHMCS, Okta, Ping, Clever, Keycloak, many OAuth & OpenID Providers [24/7 SUPPORT]

 Tested with 5.9.1
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