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Import S&S activewear products into WooCommerce using their APIs

miniorange img  Introduction

    This article will outline the integration of miniOrange WooCommerce Product Sync plugin with the S&S Activewear APIs, enabling seamless retrieval of product data and automated import of products into a WooCommerce store. This integration aims to streamline the process of managing and updating product information for active wear products offered by S&S Activewear.

Import S&S activewear products into WooCommerce using their APIs
WooCommerce Product Sync
By miniOrange

Import Products from External APIs / Supplier Inventory automatically. Automate syncing products, items and listings and create/ update WooCommerce products from these items for your WooCommerce store.

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miniorange img  Key Features

  • Sync products from S&S Activewear.
  • Filter products based on Style and Categories.
  • Sync products variants in WooCommerce based on size, colour etc as a variable product.
  • Update stock quantity from the API.
  • Import all the product and style images.
  • Send orders to S&S Activewear when a customer purchases from your WooCommerce.
  • Schedule the sync for the automatic process of importing and updating products.

miniorange img  Requirements

    a) A functioning WordPress website with a WooCommerce store installed.

    b) miniOrange WooCommerce Product Sync plugin, which facilitates the integration between the WooCommerce store and the S&S Activewear APIs, is installed and activated.

S&S Activewear, also known as SNS Activewear, is a company that specializes in providing wholesale apparel and promotional products for the activewear industry. They offer a wide range of clothing items suitable for various activities such as sports, fitness, and outdoor pursuits.

As a wholesale supplier, S&S Activewear primarily works with businesses, organizations, or individuals who are looking to purchase in bulk quantities for resale or promotional purposes. They often serve as a reliable source for custom branding, screen printing, embroidery, and other customization services to help personalize clothing items.

If you are interested in S&S Activewear products, and you have access to their APIs, then this document is for you. You will learn how to integrate S&S Activewear with your WooCommerce store.

Step 1: Plugin Configuration

    The WooCommerce store administrator accesses the miniOrange WooCommerce Product Sync plugin settings within the WordPress admin dashboard. The administrator enters the API credentials provided by S&S Activewear, including API keys, and other necessary details as requested in the plugin.

Step 2: Establishing Connection

    The plugin establishes a secure connection with the S&S Activewear API using the provided credentials. The plugin verifies the connection and ensures that it is successfully connected.

Step 3: Retrieving Product Data

    The store administrator initiates the process of retrieving product data from the S&S Activewear API. The plugin sends a request to the API, specifying the desired data parameters such as product categories, pricing, sizes, colors, etc.
    The API responds with the requested product data, which includes details such as product names, descriptions, images, stock availability, and any other relevant attributes.

Step 4: Mapping Product Data

    The plugin maps the retrieved product data from the API response to the corresponding fields within the WooCommerce store.
    The mapping process ensures that the imported products align with the existing data structure of the store, including categories, attributes, pricing, and variations. The plugin provides an option to choose which WooCommerce product attributes you want to get synced or updated and which ones do not.

Step 5: Automated Product Import

    The plugin automatically imports the mapped product data into the WooCommerce store. The imported products are created as new listings within the store, complete with the associated details and attributes obtained from the S&S Activewear API. The plugin can also be used to update the product stock quantity and other attributes. The plugin handles stock updates and ensures that any changes in product availability are reflected accurately in the WooCommerce store.

    The plugin provides the flexibility to schedule the sync at the time and interval you want. For example, you want to schedule the sync every night at 1:00 AM. This will ensure that sync will happen automatically at the scheduled time. Alternatively, you will always have the option to run the sync manually as well by just clicking the sync button in the plugin settings.

miniorange img  Order Sync

Our plugin not only facilitates the retrieval and syncing of product data but also enables the seamless posting of orders from your WooCommerce store to the S&S Activewear Order APIs. Once a customer places an order on your WooCommerce store, our plugin securely transmits the order details to the S&S Activewear Order APIs. This integration automates the process of sending order information, including product details, quantities, and customer shipping information, to S&S Activewear for fulfillment.

By leveraging this functionality, you can streamline your order management and fulfillment processes, ensuring efficient and accurate processing of customer orders. It simplifies your order management workflow and enables a seamless end-to-end process from customer purchase to product delivery.

miniorange img  Conclusion

By integrating the WordPress plugin with the S&S Activewear APIs, store administrators can streamline the process of retrieving product data and automatically importing and syncing activewear products into their WooCommerce stores. This integration simplifies the management of product information, ensures data accuracy, and enables seamless synchronization with the offerings provided by S&S Activewear.

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