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1. Password Synchronization and User Migration using Joomla LDAP


Import users from the Active Directory to the Joomla site and sync user password from Joomla to Active Directory.


In this use-case we use 2 Add-Ons with Joomla LDAP plugin.

1) Import Users :- This add-on imports users from LDAP Active Directory into Joomla. It checks whether a user is present in the Joomla site or not and if the user is not present, it creates the user. If the user already exists, it updates the user's details. This is performed for all the users present on the Active Directory.

2) Password Sync :- If a user wants to change or update password on Joomla, then this Password sync add-on, syncs the same password to LDAP Active directory.

Joomla LDAP plugin connects the Active Directory and Joomla. In which all the users present in the LDAP server or Active Directory are migrated to the Joomla site using the Joomla LDAP plugin using import users from AD add-on. Because of Password Sync Add-On users on Joomla end, update or change their passwords. When a password is changed or updated, it is automatically synced to LDAP Server or the Active Directory, and the user may login with the revised password.

Flow Diagram
Password Synchronization and User Migration using Joomla LDAP Flow

Password Synchronization and User Migration using Joomla LDAP Chart

2. Connect Multiple Azure AD Tenants to Single Application


To authenticate users from multiple azure tenants using a single application.


1) Client having different tenants in Azure AD server with different domains.

2) Users having different roles in that tenants.

3) Client wants to connect these multiple tenants to Joomla Application using single Client ID and Client Secret.

4) Client created a Single Application in Azure AD under which we store multiple tenants with different users.

5) Now we connect this single Application to Joomla Application using Single Client ID and Client Secret.

6) Successful connection between Azure AD as OAuth Provider and Joomla is OAuth Server

Flow Diagram
Backend Login to Joomla using SSO Flow

Backend Login to Joomla using SSO Chart
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