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Joomla Setup Guide Import Export Users

Joomla Import Export Users plugin exports and downloads user details in the form of a CSV file. We can also import the users and their details using a CSV file as input. You must create a CSV file and upload it. For the plugin to work correctly, you must map the headers of all the columns correctly and you must ensure that all of the fields you enter are in the correct format. For example, the username field gets mapped to the Username.

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Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

What is Import Export Users ?

You can Import / Export your users from .csv file regardless of the size or number of columns. It also allows you to import or export user's profile data..

1. Install miniOrange Import Export Users plugin

  • Download the zip file for the miniOrange Import Export Users plugin for Joomla from the link here.
  • Now go to the System -> under Install section -> click on Extensions
  • Import Export for Joomla
  • Now under Upload Package File click on browse for file then select zip file of Import Export plugin.
  • Import Export for Joomla
  • Once Zip file is uploaded then click on Components -> miniOrange Import Export -> Register/Login
  • Import Export for Joomla
  • Now you can Setup with miniOrange
  • Import Export for Joomla
  • Download the zip file for the miniOrange Import Export Users plugin for Joomla from the link here.
  • On your Joomla admin console go to Extensions Manage Install
  • Joomla Import-Export-Users
  • Under Upload Package File tab. Drag the downloaded file OR upload file by click on browse for file
  • Joomla Import-Export-Users file
  • Go to Components miniorange Import Export Users
  • Joomla Import-Export-Users Plugin

2. Export Users

  • You can export the users and groups present on your Joomla instance in CSV format by using this feature. To use this feature check the checkbox. After that to export users click on the Export button and to export groups click on Export Groups button.
  • Joomla Import Export Users ,
  • Select the appropriate roles and then click on Export Users button to export the users of specific groups/roles which you want to export.
  • Joomla Import Export Users ,
  • This feature allows you to export specific information of users according to the columns written in the text box. You can use this field to set which columns must be exported and in which order. If you leave it empty, all columns will be exported. Use a list of fields separated by semicolon(;), for example: name;username;email.
  • Joomla Import Export Users ,

3. Import Users / Groups

  • You can import groups present on different instances to the current Joomla instance using this feature. Upload the CSV file of groups and then click on Import Groups. Your CSV should contain id, parent_id, lft, rgt and title columns.
  • Joomla Import Export Users ,
  • This feature allows you to import the users from another instance to this Joomla instance. Upload the CSV file of users and then click on Import Users.
  • Joomla Import Export Users ,
  • If you want to allow only a specific role/group of users to import into Joomla, then enable the below checkbox and select appropriate Role.
  • Joomla Joomla Import Export Users,

4. Cron Import

  • This feature imports users from the google sheet you provided periodically. To use this feature you need to do following configuration:
  • Enable Active periodical import
  • Provide the path of google sheet in the textbox. To provide the file path please follow the steps below:
    • Go to your Google sheet and click on File > Share > Publish to Web.
      Then click on the Publish button and copy the link generated there.
  • Select the appropriate period from dropdown.
  • Enable the checkbox if you want to send email to users which are being updated.
  • Then click the Save Cron Options button.
  • Joomla 2 Joomla Import Export Users ,

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