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Free Plan Changelog

Version 6.0

Version 6.2.3

August, 2023

Added vulnerability checks.

Added an option to ignore the LDAPS certificate.

Handled the attribute mismatch errors.

Version 6.2.2

June, 2023

Minor fixes.

Added default handling of Attribute Mapping when user attributes are not mapped.

Added language support for Danish, Czech, Turkish, and Greek.

Version 6.2.1

May, 2023

Few UI and minor fixes.

Added an option for retrieval for possible search bases.

Added language support for Afrikaans, Hungarian, and Portuguese.

Version 6.2.0

April, 2023

Minor fixes.

Updated the usability of the plugin.

Compatible with Joomla’s remember me.

Added language support for Dutch, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.

Version 6.0.1

March, 2023

Minor fixes.

Added an option to provide ‘sn’ as an option for Attribute Mapping.

Version 6.0.0

December, 2022

Vulnerability fixes.

Improved error handling.

Version 5.0

Version 5.0.2

December, 2022

Bug fixes and minor changes.

Added language support for French.

Version 5.0.1

November, 2022

Minor changes.

Version 5.0.0

September, 2022

Added language files for German and Spanish.

Added an option to test Premium features.

Improved error handling if the PHP LDAP extension is disabled.

Updated the payment plans.

Version 4.0

Version 4.5.3

August, 2022

Minor fixes and UI updates.

Improved the error handling of the plugin.

Version 4.5.2

July, 2022

Minor fixes.

Added export of plugin configuration.

Added selection of OU’s as a search base.

Added connection using a proxy server implementation.

UI changes.

Version 4.5.0

May, 2022

Bug Fixes.

UI updated.

Added refund policy.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0.0

July, 2020

Initial release.

Basic Plan Changelog

Version 11.0

Version 11.0.1

August 2023

Added fetch license expiry.

Added error codes to error messages.

Added import/export plugin configuration.

Added availability in multiple languages (Afrikans, German, Danish, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, French, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese).

Version 11.0.0

July 2023

Unlimited User Authentication and Registration.

Authenticate Users from both LDAP and Joomla.

Basic Profile Mapping.

Support for LDAPS and TLS.

Option to ignore LDAPS certificate.

Support for Automatic Selection of LDAP OUs as a Search Base.

Compatible with Joomla 3 and 4.

Premium Plan Changelog

Version 23.0

Version 23.0.0

August 2023

Compatible with the latest Joomla 4.

Compatible with PHP 8 (till PHP 8.2).

Authentication with multiple search bases.

Added user field attribute mapping.

Added connection via proxy server.

Added Import export plugin configuration.

UI and useability update.

Plugin vulnerability and bug fixes.

Removed deprecated HTML tags.

Added language support for German and English.

Version 20.0

Version 20.0.0

August 2022

Initial Release.

Enterprise Plan Changelog

Version 34.0

Version 34.0.0

August 2023

Connectivity to Multiple Active Directories

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