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Joomla OAuth OpenID Client

Step 3: Configure general OpenID Server as an OpenID Connect Server.

  • Goto Configure OAuth tab.
  • Scroll Down and select Custom OpenID connect App.
  • Joomla OAuth custom OpenID connect App
  • Copy the Redirect / Callback URL and provide it to your Server.
  • Joomla OAuth OpenID callback url
  • You will be receiving the ClientID and Client Secret key from the Server please copy them and paste into the Client ID and Client Secret key fields provided in the Joomla OAuth Client plugin.
  • Joomla OAuth OpenID ClientID Client Secret key
  • Please fill the Scope to retrieve relevant information from the OpenID server
  • Joomla OAuth OpenID Scope
  • Please fill the Authorize Endpoint and Access Token Endpoint fields in the Joomla OAuth Client plugin which are available from your Server
  • Joomla OAuth OpenID endpoints
  • Once configuration is done please click on Save Settings
  • On you save the configuration please click on the Test configuration to get the information related to you from the Server
  • Joomla OAuth OpenID Test configuration
  • Please fill the Attribute Mapping section using the details received during the Test Configuration to perform SSO.
  • Joomla OAuth OpenID Attribute Mapping
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