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Kajabi Single Sign-On (SSO) Login Integration

miniOrange Kajabi SSO application involves allowing users who have accounts in Kajabi to Single Sign-On (SSO) login to a WordPress site using their Kajabi credentials. This eliminates the need for users to create and manage separate accounts for both platforms, enhancing user experience and reducing administrative overhead.

miniorange img   Introduction:

Welcome to this use case document on using Kajabi as an identity provider (IDP) for Single Sign-On (SSO) with WordPress sites. In this document, we will explore the benefits of using Kajabi as your IDP for SSO and how our solution can help you achieve Single Sign On (Log in) with API. By the end of this document, you will have a better understanding of how our Kajabi SSO login solution can simplify user management and improve the user experience for your WordPress site.

Kajabi login with wordpress custom api

miniorange img  Pre-requisites : Download And Installation

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miniorange img   What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a cloud-based platform that enables individuals and businesses to create and sell online courses and digital products. It offers a suite of tools for course creation, website building, marketing, and sales, allowing users to build and grow their online businesses from a single platform.

miniorange img   What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a mechanism that allows users to access multiple applications or sites using a single set of login credentials. With SSO, users can authenticate themselves once and then access multiple applications or sites without having to log in again. SSO can be implemented using various protocols such as OAuth, SAML, OpenID Connect, or custom APIs.

In this particular use case of SSO using Kajabi, we will be reducing login friction and simplifying user management for organizations. It also enhances user experience by providing a seamless and consistent user journey across multiple applications or sites.

miniorange img   How to achieve SSO using a Kajabi username?

Kajabi login with wordpress custom api
  • The WordPress Site Administrator configures our WordPress Kajabi SSO Login plugin the WordPress site and this application will be automatically connected to our miniOrange Kajabi SSO application.
  • The above-mentioned plugin automatically adds this Kajabi authentication on your WordPress login page.
  • The user enters their Kajabi credentials (username and password) on the login page.
  • The WordPress Kajabi SSO plugin authenticates the user's credentials with the Kajabi platform through our Kajabi SSO application.
  • Upon successful authentication, a unique access token for the user is generated by the Kajabi and that consists of the user profile and membership information.
  • Our plugin receives the access token from the miniOrange Kajabi SSO app service and validates the access token with the miniOrange API plugin.
  • If the access token is valid, the WordPress site grants the user access to the site.
  • The user is redirected to the WordPress site and logged in successfully.

miniorange img  What are the features of Kajabi Single Sign On?

  • Secure Login using the Kajabi SSO app service
    • This feature allows your users to authenticate securely using an API service. Instead of traditional username/password authentication, the API service handles the authentication process, ensuring secure transmission of login credentials and protecting against unauthorized access. It provides an additional layer of security by handling authentication separately from the main application.

  • Fetch user profile attributes
    • This feature involves retrieving specific user profile information from the Kajabi database. It allows you to access and retrieve attributes such as name, email address, contact details, course details, and any other relevant information associated with a user profile. By fetching user profile attributes, you can personalize user experiences, provide targeted content, and customize interactions based on individual user data.

  • Assign role in WP-based Kajabi membership
    • This feature relates to membership management in WordPress (WP) based on Kajabi roles. This feature enables administrators to assign specific roles or permissions to users within a Kajabi membership site/ WordPress site, such as granting access to certain content or providing administrative privileges.

  • Single Sign On (Log in) into any CRM, CMS (WordPress, HubSpot), React applications, Java applications
    • Our SSO service using API facilitates logging in to various systems, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms, CMS (Content Management System) platforms like WordPress, HubSpot, React applications, and Java applications. With SSO, users can authenticate themselves once and seamlessly access these different platforms without the need for multiple logins, improving user convenience and reducing authentication burdens.

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 Tested with 6.2.2

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 Tested with 6.2.2

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