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To protect system assets, prevent unauthorized access, and lower the risk of attack, it often makes sense to limit user connections to a specific IP address or range of addresses. For your Laravel application, an IP address block can prevent a disruptive address from access, though a warning and/or account block may be used first. Dynamic allocation of IP addresses by ISPs can complicate incoming IP address blocking, rendering it difficult to block a specific user without blocking many IP addresses (blocks of IP address ranges), thereby creating collateral damage.

Key Features

Protect Your Complete Site
IP Restriction can be used to limit IP address from a particular range to improve security.
Increased flexibility
The number of IP-based controllers you can utilize is unlimited.
Manage Traffic
IP Restriction can help to manage and minimize unwanted traffic.

All IP Restriction Addresses are synchronized so that the authorization is highly accurate and Security is enhanced.
Easy Installation
IP Restriction solution is easier to implement and install for your cloud.
High performance
IP restriction will help to quickly transmit access to people who are allowed to access the site.

Laravel IP Restriction flow

  • The User sends the request to access some resource on your Laravel Site.
  • As soon as the user sends request, The IP address of the user will be fetched.
  • This IP address will be compared with the list of IP addresses that the user has permitted or denied access to the Plugin.
  • If the IP address are available in the Whitelisted IPs then the User will be able to access the resources.
  • If the User’s IP address is available in the Blacklisted IPs then the User will be shown a ‘403 Forbidden’ error message.
Laravel IP Restriction Flow

Restrict IP addresses with miniOrange

You can whitelist IP addresses

By default, your Laravel application can perform API calls from any IP address. With miniOrange solution you will be able to configure whitelisted IP addresses for your Laravel application, you can control the source IP addresses for the API calls made by your application. In this case, miniOrange solution will reject any API calls made with your application credentials from any other IP address with an error code. You can specify the whitelisted IP addresses using a semi-colon separated list of either individual IP addresses or IP addresses ranges.

You can also blacklist IP addresses

miniOrange solution provides a way to configure blacklisted Ips for your Laravel application. You can specify the blacklisted IP addresses using semi-colon seperated list of either individual IP addresses or IP address ranges. Any IP addresses on the blacklist will not be able to access your restricted content. In this case, miniOrange solution will reject any API calls made with your application credentials from any other IP address with an error code.


First Line of Defence

It could act as your first line of defense. Generally, your web host notifies you when someone is making multiple failed login attempts. A number of attempts made within a short span of time are likely to be identified as brute force attack.

IP Blocking Reduces the Load on Your Website Server

Hackers use automated tools to try and break into your website. When you get your hands on the malicious IPs that the hackers are using to hammer at your login page, you can block these IPs befor loading your site resulting in reduce of load on your site.

Block Visitors by Country

Sometimes while investigating malicious login attempts, website owners may trace the activities to IP addresses from a specific place or a country. If your target audience does not belong to this country, you can opt for something called country blocking.

Active Support

Just drop an email and support person will reach out to you. Support available via Emails, calls, screenshare sessions.

Support for Customization

Laravel IP Restriction plugin supports customization in the IP Restriction flow based on your customized IDP or additional requirements.

Easy Configuration

Configure your IDPs with Laravel IP whitelisting using minimal settings. End to end configuration, videos & setup guides available

Readily Available List of Malicious IP Addresses

There is a list of IPs identified for attempting to undermine website security measures. A simple Google search on ‘what are the blacklisted IPs’ or ‘IPs I should block’ should procure you a list of commonly blocked IP addresses.You can ban these IPs from accessing your website to further strengthen your security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay one-time or annually?

The plugin licenses are subscription based and you have to pay annually.

What is the refund policy?

At miniOrange, we want to ensure you are 100% happy with your purchase. If the premium plugin you purchased is not working as advertised and you've attempted to resolve any issues with our support team, which couldn't get resolved. We will refund the whole amount within 10 days of the purchase. Please email us at for any queries regarding the return policy or contact us here.

Does miniOrange offer technical support?

Yes, we provide 24*7 support for all and any issues you might face while using the plugin, which includes technical support from our developers. You can get prioritized support based on the Support Plan you have opted. You can check out the different Support Plans from here.

Does miniOrange store any user data?

miniOrange does not store or transfer any data which is coming from the OAuth / OpenID Connect provider to the Laravel. All the data remains within your premises / server.

What is included in All-Inclusive Plan

Purchasing All-Inclusive plan will give all the features from Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans along with all the add-ons listed here. If you have multiple sites then you will need to purchase license for each site, however, we do provide discount from 2nd license onwards.

Does miniorange provide developer license for paid plugin?

We do not provide the developer license for our paid plugins and the source code is protected. It is strictly prohibited to make any changes in the code without having written permission from miniOrange. There are hooks provided in the plugin which can be used by the developers to extend the plugin's functionality.

A single installation of a Laravel site is referred to as a Laravel instance. It refers to each and every website on which the plugin is installed. Each website will be counted as a single instance in the case of a single site Laravel installation.
The plugin's licencing is linked to the domain of the Laravel instance, thus if you have a dev-staging-prod environment, you'll need three licences (with discounts applicable on pre-production environments)

Note: Purchasing licenses for Unlimited instances will grant you upto 200 licenses. If you want to purchase more licenses, please contact us here or drop an email at

Need Guidance?

Mail us at for quick guidance(via email/meeting) on your requirement and our team will help you to select the best suitable solution/plan as per your requirement and your selected OAuth/OpenID/JWT compliant Identity provider (IdP). We can also help you to select a suitable plan as per your requirement.

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