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Free LinkedIn Social Login for Shopify

LinkedIn is an extremely popular social platform that is mainly used for professional networking. Through LinkedIn people all around the world can connect socially. It helps people in putting themselves out there by sharing their education and experience, building connections and networking professionally. The platform at its core is a social networking application that allows people to make new contacts and build connections.
Login with LinkedIn to Shopify is extremely easy. Just follow the steps below to add LinkedIn login to your Shopify store.

Step 1: Add LinkedIn Social Login App to your Shopify Store :

  • Visit to on Shopify marketplace. Click on Add app to install it on your store.
  • shopify social login
  • Once you have installed it, it will take you to the social login application Dashboard. Then, click on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn social login for Shopify
  • If you don't want to setup your custom app then please click on Setup app in just one click. Click on Save. This will setup your LinkedIn application for Shopify.
  • No Setup LinkedIn login for Shopify
  • That is all you require to do to add LinkedIn Social Login to Shopify. To Setup a custom app for LinkedIn, please follow the steps below.

Step 2: Configure Custom App for LinkedIn Login :

  • Go to and click on Create Apps and sign in with your linkedin account.
  • Social Login Linkedin account
  • Enter the Application Name, Linkedin page URL or name, Privacy Policy URL, And upload app logo.
  • If you don't have a linked in page click on Here to create a new page.
  • Social Login Linkedin create app Information
  • Check the API Terms of Use and click on create app.
  • Social Login Linkedin API Terms of Use
  • Click on Auth and enter Callback URL as Redirect URLs(from your social login Instructions) and click on Update
  • Social Login Linkedin Application credential Redirect URL Social Login Linkedin Application clientID and Secret
  • On the same page you will be able to see your Client ID and Client Secret under the Application credentials section.
  • Go to the Product tab.
  • For r_liteprofile and r_emailaddress scope permission, Find Sign In with LinkedIn and click on Select.Check the legal agreement check box and Click on Add Product.
  • For w_member_social scope permission Find Share on LinkedIn and click on Select.Check the legal agreement check box and Click on Add Product, This permission required for social sharing.
  • LinkedIn login Product Scope premission social Shopify LinkedIn login add share linkedin social Shopify
  • Note: Wait till Linkedin approves your permission.

Step 3: Set Credentials for LinkedIn Application

  • Copy the Client Id and Client Secret from LinkedIn and Paste them into the fields in LinkedIn Login Instructions screen on the Social login app.
  • LinkedIn social login shopify
  • Click on the Save button to save the credentials. Then, Click on the Test Configuration button.
  • A window will appear and ask you to login to your LinkedIn account. This is to Test Configuration for LinkedIn. Please Login to LinkedIn to check the login process.
  • Another window from the app will pop-up that the test configuration was successful. That means your Custom app was set properly.
  • LinkedIn social login Test Configuration
  • Go to the App Dashboard and click on the toggle button on LinkedIn icon to activate LinkedIn login button.
  • Now, You can see the LinkedIn social Login button is activated on your Shopify Store.
  • LinkedIn social login icon on Shopify

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